New and improved

Yes that’s right, finally it’s here the real and not the old placeholder.
-“what’s all this then?” i hear you say.
Ok to the right you got all the blog entries sorted last to first, only the last 15 or so are visible, so if you want to venture deeper you got to fiddle with the prev-next buttons.

Top left we got the main menu, duh…

Bottom right is the gallery thingy, click the prev-next things to flip trough them, if you see something you like then click the image and the whole thing is shown along with a short description/story about it.

Below you will find a random quote, people say funny stuff so i quote it.

Ok, nuff with the intro.
So what is this site about then?
I would say everything related to me, graphics, programing, game design, politics, funny stuff, pure evil stuff and other shit.
I will also try to update this thing a little bit more often then i did in the past, basically to tell anyone who is willing to listen what is currently happening.
I will also write in Swedish from time to time, sorry all you guys who only speaks English, but that stuff is not for you.

So what is happening then, what is my current status.

  • the fiberweldingguy came by today(yes today) and did the last hardware installation bit on our new 10Mbit Internet connection, only thing left is really for them to switch it on.
    And in a totally(well ok not totally) unrelated matter, i might need a new HDD, apparently 530GB is not enough today, i only got about 60GB left on my download drive and we all know what is going to happen when the Internet guys flip the switch.
  • Sill unemployed, witch sucks, but my show reel site should come on line soon and perhaps then thing could change.
  • Have to clean the room i am sitting in, so i may blink in and out of existence a bit now and then during this week.

Hmm, biggest post on this site in my history, that has to say something.
Or might it be because it’s the first one of this kind.
Next time i might write about what i think about copyright or why the new revolution controller looks like a sex toy.
Mail me and give me suggestions.

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