2007 – timewarp ensue

Heh.. sorry about not being around for some time, but i have been busy, i have plenty to talk about so expect more withing the next few days.
Anyway, it’s time for another episode of my year in review/fortune telling extravaganza, and we begin with the yearly review.

Console war – yea baby, it’s on and hotter than ever, pretty much as i predicted really with a few things that where a little bit off.
1. while less PC games where based on ps2 titles, they weren’t based on new 360 or ps3 games on an massive scale, simply put there where simply fewer games out there.
2. no sequel to f.e.a.r, expansion packs, and ut2007 is now UT3
3. way to many delays on the PS3 side, i see it as a missed opportunity their holiday sales on game consoles would be the double if MGS4, GTA4, haze where out, and considering that the ps3 sold the same amount of consoles if not more than the 360, it’s really a missed opportunity.

The wii on the other hand has surprised us all, but in my mind just before the holiday shopping season there where a slight trend of dropping or sustained sales while the other two where ever so slightly increasing, though it’s still firmly in the lead.

DX10 games, well no only crysis, but then again someone found out that most of it is actually DX9 class, i suspect the low adoption rate of vista, the delay of openGL3.0 and the huge volumes of DX9 class hardware out there.
The Steam hardware survey says it all 7.84% of their users (basically gamers) have DX10 while about 13-15% have the hardware, that’s about the same amount of people that has DX8 class or lower, so no wonder there are so few DX10 games out there.

Computer technology
The GF9800 is not out this year it’s scheduled for February 2008, and while it did not get a blend shader it did get 64bit textures, next one will though.
The reason for that is that the new GF9 chips are really upgraded GF8 chips.

OpenGL – mmm no it go delayed, actually it may have become ratified but as a protocol they have a month if silence (just in case of oopsies).

Quad core – yes, there are a number of them out there, in fact i am myself getting one pretty soon, i do think a lot of game do support them, of cause i have not tested it, but bioshock is also a 360 game and the 360 have 3 processors with 2 threads each so 4 processors should be no problem.
And if you look at all the reviews the quad cores are all in the top strata even though some of the dual cores are way faster in single thread apps.

Consumer electronics
No SEDs, and it’s all because of legal issues, the base technology for it is sound, sort of, but if it cant be put into production in 2008 it will never be as it is at best a transition technology until OLED takes over, and i now know that will start happening in 2010.

i to become mac, no, i knew it would be a long shot, it may still happen though for some of the mac applications, so i better add a mac long shot category as the first time i did this it was way off.
Ipod touch was also something that kind of crept up on us, damn you Steve, damn you and you black polo shirt for being so you.

Yes bush basically vetoes everything that moves, more on this next year.

And speaking about hard time, it’s just what Reinfeldt has, he recently dropped to second place in the approval polls with his main opponent being better than him.
He better pick up the phase as he only has 6 months left to turn around (ie. Do something that gives me and people like me a job).

As i suspected bad, lets see now, we had die hard 4, transformers, simpsons, tmnt and sicko, the rest of them was sort of bland, on the music side nothing seriously, however i did detect a happy trend which i will discuss in greater detail in part 3 (hint: it has something to do with r&b).

Things i looked out for in 2007
GDC – yes SM4 was there, but even better since E3 was cut down all the technical demos and stuff was at GDC so now it is really something to look forward to.
Same goes for CES, TGS and the Leipzig games show, it makes for a well rounded year instead of everything in one shot

id Software – Rage sure do look mighty fine.

blizzard on april fools – a bit daft, tinfoil hats, heroes of azeroth(WC3) and a unrealistic black temple atunement process.

2008 – you just have to wait for part 3, it will be out, sometime, next year.
But first, the return of an old classic.

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