2007 – timewarp continuum

Welcome back to part two of this year in review, something i kind of regret not doing last year, it’s
The good, the bad, the 1337 and the ugly.

The good

– new Stargate movies and a whole new Stargate series is coming.
– Duke Nukem is back on.
– PS3, lot’s of good stuff where added this year.
– finally something is being done about the environment, gg Gore.
– bluray, better than dvd thats for sure, even on a SDTV.
– PSP, i finally got one a year ago, it’s a gift that keeps on giving, it’s great for porn too.
– new computers, i am getting one soon.
– NIKON DSLR cameras, ever since my parents got a D80 my interest in photography has been ignited, anyway i might be getting my hands on a cheap D200 soon, this means a new gallery section here, yay.
– Youtube atheism, Dawkings, Hitchens and so on, you really made an impact on status quo.

The bad

– Pakistan, the whole musharaf, Benazir Bhutto debacle is not good, it’s outright bad.
– Iran, not much wrong with Iran, but bush seems to think so.
– Iraq, 1,5 trillion dollars wasted so far, i am happy i live here cause America is not doing good.
– No SEDs or larger OLEDs, it would have pushed the industry further.
– Stargate SG1 got canceled.


– youtube, nuff said
– PS3 + PSP, i can now stream xvids from my computer via my ps3 to my PSP from anywhere in the world where there is a open wifi access point, it’s just another way of getting porn to my PSP.
– Redone, i don’t have the money for it or an overwhelming interest in video production (save for porn), but boy do i want one.

The ugly

– Vista, yes i know putting it under ugly is like beating Balmer with an angry stick, it just doesn’t work anymore, i feel another vista bashing blog coming up.
– Steve Jobs, turns out he is buttonaphobic (or whatever being afraid of putting buttons on appliances is), and the main new feature of the supposedly super cool leopard update to Mac osX is a new search function, please get back to work and don’t show up again until you have something new.
– Jack Thompson, he still refuses to quit.
– Bush @ Bali, now that man in this question deserves to be put down godfather style.
– AMPTP and the writers strike, just pay up won’t you, you can’t do anything without them, they can do a lot without you, guess who has who at the balls, in the meantime it’s affecting my tv watching rhythm.

Next up in the new years extravaganza part 3 is the episode where the predictionator in me takes on the task of telling you what 2008 will be like.

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