2008 the game begins

Finally the last part of this webisodic trilogy of meaningless ramblings, let’s see what this year has in store for us.

2008 will be a glorious year for games, GTA4, MGS4, GT5 and so on, it will be especially glorious for Sony as they will finally have enough games for the PS3 to be competitive, and with over 400 Playstation (PS2, PS3, PSP combined) games in development for this year alone everyone it sure to be content.
Wii games will not do so great, or rather they will do good enough and will release about the same as they they did last year, the problem is that the only real game I know of that may be any good is Super Smash Bros Brawl and that is not a lot.
Xbox 360, no, no good for them either, they had their big exclusives with Halo 3, Bioshock and Mass effect (BTW two of those will come to the PS3), no major new games are known, I find it quite telling that during the last e3 they only showcased titles coming out this year, it seems to me that they are hiding something, be it some super mega title or the fact that basically everything coming to the 360 is coming to the other ones as well.
My money is on the latter one because they would have done anything to boost their sales during the holiday season by saying “sure it may not be out now but just look at what is coming.

In terms of hardware sales the Wii and the DS will continue to dominate, at least for the first half.
The ps3 will be a close second with the 360 dead last, it’s interesting to see that while the 360 is still cheaper (The basic arcade version, note that it still needs a lot of other stuff to play games on it) compared to the cheapest PS3 (sometimes by as much as half) the two consoles has sold about as much, care to guess what happens when the PS3s price tag goes down a hack at the same time a huge array of exclusives are released.
I am almost thinking about getting a PS3 when MGS4 comes, and I already have a PS3.

PC, sorry no game this year either, though I do expect there to be a few more games out there, stuff like GTA4 and some of the other fine console titles is almost a given, it’s like all coders are getting used to making games on consoles and only later on start porting some to the PC.
Sure I know the reason for this, but let’s not get carried away here.

Computer technology
Quad cores continue to take over, by the end of the year only the cheapest celeron class processors will be dual core.
TheGF9 series will also soon be here and while it’s really kick ass the new features (which is basically only 64 bit textures) wont change anything for some time.

Consumer electronics
No SEDs or OLEDs(over 17″), but we will start to see what could be done with them.

Zero standby power electronics is also coming, it’s not hard to do, a small photo voltaic cell and a battery will do, but it is just one of the many steps that will be taken this year to save the planet, all in all power saving technology will be big on the consumer side.

Remote controls will also start migrating ever so slowly to bluetooth, well I do know Sony is planning it, so no more line of sight problems.
Besides, from what I know the IR receivers found in many devices is the main culprit behind the “dreaded” standby power “deamon”.

What more is that 2008 will be a transition year, where people go from SDTV to HDTV, from regular telephones to VOIP and so on

PlayTV, it may just rock, if it supports booth analog signals and DVBc it definitely will.

O, and finally, Blu-ray will all but be declared the winners of the HD wars, Toshiba and Microsoft may have one surprise left by adding a HD-dvd into the xbox 360, but in the end it will be to no use.

This will be an interesting year in politics, there are two main events this year the new EU constitution and the American presidential election.

Starting off with the easy one, the new EU constitution has been decided on by all it’s member countries, however, it still has to be ratified by all members, and in at least one case it has to be decided by an election.
But it it goes trough (and I think it will) it will mean that the representatives of EU can stand side by side with the American president as an equal, something that has not happened for the last 20 years.
Balance of power = good.

Now about the election across the pond in what some of you call “the U ess of A”.
While the entire election process is unstable I do think Clinton will win, simply because she has the pure political skill to elbow her way trough the primaries, and once shes there it’s a cakewalk to the finish.
The reason is quite obvious, in all the debates the democrats all talk about them being just that little better than the others , while the republicans talk about being the least worst of the bunch.
In my mind and in this election the republicans do seem more fragmented than they usually are.
Who will then take the republican nomination, I don’t know, perhaps Giuliani, Romney is a Mormon and also pro choice(though he says hes not), he also does not resonate correctly with the Cristian right, the ultraconservatives or the moderates.
McCain is not much of anything to the republicans.
Huckabee may resonate well with the Christian right, but not exactly with the moderates.
So in my mind the only ones left is Giuliani, while he kinda strokes everybody the wrong way he does radiate that special scent that all true republican leaders have, the willingness to walk over bodies to get where they want, and in Giulianis case it’s literally true

Better year than 2007, but still not great, the writers strike sees to that.
Music wise though may be a better year, finally they may have realized that their sales numbers are directly related to the quality of the music.
On that note, R&B Has begun transforming into something better, more melodic and less annoying
Just look at the work Pink is doing, and that umbrella song is better than anything before (though still quite annoying), either way, it’s shaping up along with rap, but that still has long ways to go.

Apple long shot of the year
New category, after all those failures of trying to deduce what steve jobs is up to, so the Apple long shot of the year is.

Itablett – a new tablet from apple, completely devoid of buttons, basically a huge iphone.

Things to look out for in 2008
GDC, CES, E3, TGS – keeping watch an all of these is basically a full time job, but it’s soo worth it.

Blizzards April fools – a classic that never get’s old, this year it will be about the new hero classes.

MGS4 – How will it end, will it end and why is he old, all good things to ponder, and for me to find out in 2008.

Well that’s it for this time, watch this space for more rants and raves, soon on a computer near you.

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