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I got myself a late Christmas present today, I bought a cheap (relatively speaking) DSLR camera, a Nikon D200.

It’s one of the top ten best DSLRs out there and I like it, seriously, it can do so much, for example, it works perfectly with older Nikon lenses so I has a blast running around with my mothers old micro nikkor taking macro pictures of everything, another thing is the shear rate it can take pictures at, 5 per second it takes pictures with 12Bit of dynamic range(yours have 8), and it can be tricked into taking HDR images.

Misc fact you didn’t know about me #425: I am somewhat of a photo buff, and so are my parents, and that’s why we have stuff like that lying around the house.

Now along with this I am planning to add a new gallery featuring a lot of the things I have done so far, like renderings, photos screen shots and so on but for now you have to do with these test shots that I took during the weekend.

Our local church, even though I am an atheist I can proudly say our is better than yours.

A quick snapshot of my tripod that came out nice.

Just a flower, but this just shows how easy it is to make good photos just about everywhere.

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