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So i have had the camera for about two weeks now and i have taken about 1000 images and I have gotten the feel of it, it’s truly great, I have also read reviews for the D3 and D300, they seem even greater, but still I do feel there are a few things missing, so here is my wish list for the D4 and D400.

1. HDR:
With every digital Nikon generation the dynamic range between max light and min light as been ever so slightly increasing, likewise have the bit depths also been rising.
Soon there will come a time where the down sampling just doesn’t behave well while shooting in jpeg, that is why I suggest two things.

The first is the HDR button located on the same place as the Qual button is now on the D200 (the qual button should be near the menu button just like on the D80), while pressed the back wheel controls the dynamic range, or essentially the contrast of the image, the front wheel adjusts the mid tone weighting, of cause shooting raw ignores all that.

The next addition is a HDR shooting mode accessible either trough the bracketing function or the shooting mode selector wheel on the top left (the one under the ISO/WB/QUAL buttons).
This mode takes either one or several pictures with different exposures to create a full 32bit HDR image with a really high dynamic range (adjustable through the menu), this mode always shoots RAW.

2. ISO:
While holding the ISO button and pressing up or down on the selector selector you turn auto iso on or off, auto ISO is great but it’s a hassle every time you want to force a certain ISO.

3. Flash:
Should have a built in soft filter, I have seen a type of glass that goes all foggy while an electric current passes trough it, use that..
Also as an add on, someone make a soft box for it that attaches to the camera like the SG-3IR but make the camera detect it so the right flash level could be set.

4. Screens:
There are 3 LCD screens on all the newer D cameras, I like for the main one to become a OLED display, the top one should be a hybrid between a OLED and LCD and the one in the seeker should be enhanced so that you can display images on it, that feature would enable the photographer to add his own grid there and whatnot, even a recently taken image could do.

5. Other stuff:
Electronic neutral density filter, it would allow you to increase the shutter times by a lot while still maintaining roughly the same aperture even during daylight, sure you could use regular filters but this is way cooler.

Built in IR and UV sensitivity, Most cameras filter out these colors, why I know that at least Ir makes for some pretty spectacular images, so there should either be a electronic filter for both or removable filters or any combination, you decide, either way you should be able to take ir and uv only photos with relative ease (and not having to irreversibly modify the camera as some have done).

Wifi/bluetooth, for transferring images to a computer while shooting, for triggering flashes and for remote control by either a computer or a hand held device (PSP anyone).
I know that there is such an add on that provides just those features, but it should really be built in.

GPS, flux compass, digital level, it’s a bit useless but hey it’s probably not hard to add, and while your adding the above stuff you can add this.

The high en model should be more modular, but both should at least enable the user to remove the left side panel and attach a left hand grip, an extended grip with extra flash hot shoe or whatever.

I assume there are a lot more additions to the D series left to add, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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