The bliss of glass

OK, the the first question that might pop up when you see this header is, what the fuck does glass have to do with bliss?
Well it’s not because it is what you should drink beer from, no i am talking about a high speed fiber optic Internet connection, or the process of sending obscene amounts of data at no time at all trough a single glass fiber at the speed of light.
And i got it installed yesterday, actually i got it installed from the beginning of this summer to about today, they took their sweet time and it’s not perfect yet.
Yesterday i only got a top speed of about 150 Kb/s witch is about an eight of the full speed, and today as i am writing this they are having huge problems, the connection is sporadic at best and it is only able to at best load the top portion of a page before it craps out for a while.
But despite that i got too experience some bliss at least, while pumping lot’s of data trough bittorrent and watching TV on the Internet i went surfing the web and still had bandwidth to spare.

OK now over to another bliss, or Blizz in this case.
Blizzcon came and went this weekend and a few things came of it.

1.l33t footage and information on their new expansion pack for wow.
2.The confirmation that they have at least two secret projects in the machinery.

Not that i am surprised or anything, but the way they revealed this was kinda funny, apparently they opened up a beta registration for an yet to be announced game, OK that’s one, but the other one came a bit out of the blue with them saying “this sign-up may no be for the next beta test” or in human speak “depending on how things progress with this game our other game might go beta before this one”.
Now what is this game that they had a beta sign up for let’s examine the facts.

1.Traditionally blizzard has always had one game that is announced and released but undergoing patch work, one game that is announced and about to be released, one secret one they are working on + at least one on the drawing board.
2.We know that it might take some time to make since another game may overtake it in the development process, this suggests a larger game.
3.Starcraft:ghost has taken it’s sweet time, why, could it be to make content for another game as well.
4.Warcraft 1-3 + wow, Diablo1-2, Starcraft 1 + ghost, might it be in order to make another Starcraft and then a Diablo.
5.Some of the recent screen shots from SC:ghost are interesting, they show large outdoor sceneries, they are of to low a quality to be rendered stuff (as blizzard normally do) and this scenery is not what i expect from ghost, maybe it’s some kind of in game movie or something i don’t know

So what can we conclude for this ragtag collection of extremely weak circumstantial evidence.
Um not much, there seem to be another RTS game on it’s way and perhaps and another MMORPG.
One being a Diablo and the other one a Starcraft, and from my experience i can assume that the RTS will be Diablo3 and the MMORPG is World of Starcraft.
Mostly because WoD (world of Diablo) would be to similar to WoW and the geometry files and textures created for Ghost is more suitable for an MMORPG than a RTS.
But then again they could just pull a rabbit out of their ass and do something completely new but this is unlikely because they are game developers and thus they take the easy path.
But it would be kinda fun to see a MMORPG remake of the lost vikings.

And as always here is a message to Blizzard, if you need help, you know were to find me.

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