Out with the old

Today I say farewell to a great thing, a thing I have looked upon for hours at end for the last 5 years.
It served me well when I needed it to and it allowed me to shoot further away, it made antialiasing obsolete and not to mention how it heated up the room those cold winter nights.

the one

I hadn’t planed replacing it for some time but a month or so ago I think it sprung a leak in one or two capacitors, and ever since then it got blurrier and blurrier and not to mention that I had to degauss it 3 times a day, in the end (read yesterday) it decided it where going to pack it in and leave basically all text below 14pt totally unreadable.

and this is when it looks fine

So it had to go, I will miss it though, 21” in 4:3 format is just that much bigger, you need a 30” screen just to match the height of it.
Now of cause I had to get the largest I could reasonably afford, a 22” samsung 2232BW wide screen.

it feels kinda empty now

I haven’t gotten used to the wide screen format yet, the first thing I noticed is that most websites have more whitespace than page and those that do fill that space struggle with readability issues.
Gaming is a lot better though, especially wow where if you had a lot of addons they could clutter up the screen pretty fast, this is no longer a problem.
I am afraid to test it with crysis since coupled with it’s bloom and shear awsomeness and the screens incredible brightness it just could melt my retinas off.

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  • By Peter Wallström, May 4, 2010 @ 16:50

    -old comments-

    Comment by mziskandar on 2008:06:12 18:14
    Good choice for power saving..

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