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Another day another blizzard teaser update.
This is the third day of the teasers and yet another new rune has appeared on that ice field image.
Now I would have written this like on Monday when I first was sure about what would happen, but I wanted to be extra double sure by having at least one or two predicted data points, and that came today.

The reveal this weekend is going to be Diablo3, and here is why.
1. we have 5-6 days to the reveal this weekend, but only 5 days of possible runes (Monday-Friday).
2. these five runes form a pentagram, they could also form a circle but now that the third rune appeared in the predicted place I am pretty sure it’s a pentagram, and for the record the next rune will be at the to and the fifth at the bottom right.
3. there is no other ip they could release right about now, that and Diablo3 is long overdue.
4.The runes themselves, well just the fact that they are runes as neither wow or SC really uses runes except for the new deathknight, also the runes do look like they come from diablo2, the nr2 rune is possibly hel and the first one was probably Shael.
5. it looks like something is breaking free, so who has to break free, arthas, no, the zerg, no, diablo and his brothers yes.
6.It would be totally awesome, and that’s just what blizzard is all about.
7.blizzard recently acquired http://www.diablo3.com/ from a fan site, up until just recently it forwarded to that fan sites new address http://www.diablofans.com/, why would they do that if not for the imminent release of the ne diablo 3 website, and I know that it could take as much as 2 days to change linking or something on the net depending a little on how and what you are doing.

There is also the case of the other images that form a purple something, some say a walrus others a penguin and yet some say it’s a demon, the numbers suggest the letters W,O,D which is theorized to either spell World or Dashow, that could either mean it’s made by Michael Dashow a former art director of diablo 2 who for some reason like walruses, or in case of world it will mean that it is some kind of new mmorpg or mmorpg framework, like “World of Blizzard” in where you would have several Wo* games but the same time card system and whatnot, event hough it’s is certainly very possible that it might be the future it is unlikely so this weekend, not without at least another announced mmorpg in the pipeline.

So there you have it if the next rune is in the top and the new image either is a walrus or spels a,s or h we will know that it is Diablo for certain.
In case it spells r or l, well that might be pretty exiting.

In other news, yes I changed some graphics it’s better now, I am also thinking about adding some google ads on the page, tell me what you think, and while your at it, give me a suggestion of how to grow the site, is there anything you would like to see.

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  • By Peter Wallström, May 4, 2010 @ 16:52

    -old comments-

    Comment by Overlord on 2008:06:26 07:40

    Ok now i am thoroughly confused, the fourth rune is a pictogram of a few planets, i do seem to remember that from somewhere.
    The fourth monster image is #16 or p and is a picture of it’s ass.
    WOPD + to letters more, what can you make of that.

    Comment by Overlord on 2008:06:27 08:15

    update teaser day 5:
    using all the words and letters “hrtryipianol” we get from the smaller images and the css we get

    Hilarity Porn
    Hair Trip Only
    Royal Hint Rip
    Hart I Rip Only

    however using “le” instead of “an” as in substituting caverns with glacier as some have mistakenly done it does result in some startling anagrams

    Hell Priority
    Theory Ill Rip

    also the runes seems to represent all 3 main ip:s + battle.net and blizzard itself.

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