2008 – recap

It’s that time of year again, a time to recap, retell and then finally look forward to the future.
We begin today with my previous predictions.

GTA4, MGS4, Soulcalibur 4, the force unleashed, GT5 prologue, Little big planet, and those are only the ones I got, there where so many games I had to leave some for later, and that’s just for the PS3 (which is all that matters anyway).
Bioshock finally came for PS3 as I said, mass effect on the other hand we might have to wait for the second installment.
Wii had it’s 3 games too, wii fit, mario cart and SSBB, no surprises there.
The only real big exclusive for the 360 is gears2, which is as predicted, I fear that this will continue.
When it comes to hardware sales I predicted the wii would be at the top, which it is, ps3 at second place and 360 last, the result was 360 at 10,9 million sold and ps3 at 10,3 million sold, a victory that was basically only taken the last two weeks before x-mas, mostly because of the price drop they had in September.
Which is interesting given that the ps3 is like twice the price and consumers respond that vigorously at a insignificant price drop, that means that the consumer 360 is valued way less than the ps3, say like half of it, alsoo way less than the Wii since they cost about the same, I wonder what will happen when the ps3 starts dropping in price.

Pc: well some games came mostly either console remakes or mmorpgs, though one bright spot was Spore and coincidently the only pc game besides Crysis and WoW:WLK I got this year.

Computer technology
Quad cores came saw and ruled this year, and both the GF9 and the GF200 series came out, their good, but not like the 8800 or the 6800 series cards.
Otherwise a pretty meager year, though I have noticed one thing, you can’t buy a good old CRT tube anywhere, they are finally totally gone.

Consumer electronics
Yes no seds, or not on any real scale, there is some rumors about some seds that have become available.
OLED on the other hand is coming pretty quickly, at basically all electronics conventions something new came up, like the 0.3mm thick display from sony.

No Zero standby power, but devices have become less thirsty.

I haven’t seen any more bluetooth remotes, but they are definitely planning it, since my new sonyericsson phone has a bluetooth remote control feature.

Blu-ray won the war, HD-DVD called it quits, but I am still waiting for Blu-ray transformers.

Eu-constitution didn’t really went as it should have, you can blame the Irish for that, coincidently it’s been delayed somewhat.
The us election on the other hand, barak obama won hands down.
Though I said Clinton vs guilliani who knew that both of them would f it up.
It was close for Clinton, but in the end she proved to run a little to much of an rovian campaign, and this was the wrong year for that.
McCain on the other hand was chosen in an republican game of musical chairs, he became the least worse of the lot, and that’s no way to win an election, Sarah Pailin didn’t help either.

Iron man rocked, the pixar movie was good too.
Music wise, I didn’t even pirate one regular album this year, mostly just soundtracks. And that has to say something, only real music news was Guns ‘n’ roses – Chinese democracy, maybe I’ll download that one.

Apple longshot
Macbook AIR, so thin you can slice cake with it, a bit anemic in features, but still.

Yes I’m doing an abbreviated good/bad/1337/ugly in the same post since I got little time, deal with it or go away.

The good

– New stargate series got picked up, now they are stranded on a spaceship
– DSLRs gotta love em, even got my little studio strobes and a ultra wide lens, it’s starting to become expensive, do look at the pictures on my flickr account to the right.
– President elect Barak Obama, nuff said.
– only 21 more days of president bombsalot.

The bad

– Israel, they just had to go and bomb someone, and as I always say, don’t bomb something you can take out with a piano wire.
– Stargate Atlantis got canceled
– 21 more agonizing days of president bombsalot.
– still no seds or oleds.
– the economic, well, lets say bagel. (To those who get this, you watch way to much tv)

The 1337

– SonyEricsson C702, look ma, I found another way of accessing porn.
– the new Red product line, it combines two cool things, cameras and legos.
– The IT crowd, it’s the new “the office”, but actually good.

The ugly

– the FRA and IPRED laws, sorry only swedes are affected but they are basically the wrong way to do things, just bulldoze right over the population and then complain about the resistance to it.
I wonder what the election season that begins, o, about 15 months from now is gonna be about.
– OpenGL 3.0, it was supposed to renew the API, but in the end they just gutted all the innovation out from there and added a few minor updates, it could have been great but it’s not, it’s just slightly better, a 2.3 at most.
– The McCain campaign, heres a hint, don’t claim that the guy with the halo is in fact the devil, especially if your the one with the pitchfork and horns.

Ok that’s all I have for now, please join me next year when I reveal my predictions for 2009.
Hint, the PS3 is gonna do well.

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