2009 – pretold

It’s time to retell the future again.

Wii – will continue with it’s streak of releasing lots of games where only like 3 are worthy of my money, that is if I had a wii, new addons will be released, but probably no pricedrop (not until any other console will sell more).
X360 – wont get that may exclusives like “alan wake” and “mass effect 2”, probably no big ones, you will hear the name “Gears of war 3” uttered at E3, but release is not until 2010, also Halo 4 rumors will surface.
PS3- I thought 2008 was a good PS3 year, but my guess is that it will be even better.
Lots of big exclusives like killzone2, inFamous, Gran turismo5, Heavy rain, Uncharted 2, Ratcher & clank future 2, God of War 3, M.A.G and so on, apparently there is also a secret super sweet game in the pipeline for 2009, I have only one comment, “it’s gonna get expensive this year”
And that’s just exclusives, there are gonna be a great number of games that are must buy.
Regarding the console itself, so far Sony has been selling them at a loss, but no longer, they are finally starting to make money from it, or well at least break even, because I think they will cut the price by a lot, first at E3 or Sonys gamer day, possibly by $25 (it’s more of an “hey look were starting to cut the costs of this thing” thing), and the next one will be $50-75 around the holidays in time for black Friday.
E3 could be big for Sony.

Computer technology
SSDs are gonna be big, or at least get big, and really fast.
Processors are gonna have a meh year, sure it’s gonna get incrementally better but no revolution, at least not in the first half, but I am leaning towards not, however Intel should be just about ready to tick in their tick toc approach.
Graphics then, i would guess that no new nvidia chips are on the line for 2009 release, possibly by the very end of the year, but that is more depending on how the tape out process goes.
I doubt that ATI will be able to catch up for any long stretch of time.

Consumer electronics
Smaller faster better, as usual, android will have a good year.
OLED will finally be publicly available, both for desktop and as a tv screen, they will be expensive though.
There will be a lot of these iphone handheld computer clones, some will be better than iphone.
I am really interested in what android can do, if they get a good app/media delivery service going it could be good.

Obama rama, over $700 billion is ready to stimulate the economy, especially in infrastructure and environment friendly tech, it could have some immediate effects.
I think we will definitely see a pretty distinct difference between the two administrations.

A few good movies based on comic books, no real music improvements, I really like to be surprised here, but I know I won’t.
Star trek movie is gonna be great, might lead to another Star trek series, at least I hope it does.

Apple longshot
Now it’s literally like 3 hours away, rumors say a new imac mini, and I am not gonna doubt them.
Instead I am gonna tell you what they did.
1. they took a mac book air (the ssd one).
2. they removed the keyboard and gave it a slim wireless one.
3. they folded it in on itself and removed excess casing.
4. added touchscreen capability.
5. they duct taped it together.
6. possibly oled screen.

Well that’s it for this time, please look for E3, it might be good.

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