E3 2009 preshow predictions

You know I was hoping I would have this ready for e3 on my new site thegeekstate.com but sadly it’s not done yet, the ideas I have for it is pretty great, but the underlying code is not even mature enough to display even a simple article let alone edit it. So I have to do it here, but don’t worry it will probably all be transferred there once it’s done and there will be articles on pretty much every (read: important) game and gadget coming out of it once it starts coming on line, so without further delays here are some my predictions and opinions on the e3 press conferences in chronological order.

Microsoft Monday, 10:30am PDT
Halo 3: ODST will be a big thing this year, and I suspect they will also display some other expected titles like Alan wake and splinter cell.
Avatars are gonna big the cool new thing (though they have been out for a year), but they are gonna make a play for the casual market, they will ultimately fail at it, but they will try.
Gears of War 3: will be teased, seriously did you ever doubt it would be, it’s their second strongest ip after halo, sure they are gonna milk that cow.
A lot of generic games, a lot of them multi platform, but they are gonna claim a few timed exclusives and DLC, not that DLC ever matters, it didn’t for GTA4 since most people including me didn’t finish it.

Motion controller, both Microsoft and Sony is rumored to have their own waggle sticks both using basically the same tech, though I think Sony is a bit ahead, they had experience with both camera and motion sensing before.
The thing is that I am not that sure about it, Microsoft doesn’t seem so keen on releasing new peripherals unlike Nintendo.

MGS4 for 360, no I don’t think so MGS4 is a massively huge game, it basically installs larger chunks of data that a single dvd9 can fit, is it possible, yes, but not without paying the quality price.
Besides the counter on their teaser page ends Tuesday and I imagine that it will be replace by a new 11 hour counter, that’s Sony territory right there.

New sku, no I heard nothing about it, it would be great, but not until next year, and frankly they don’t need to as their cost is in the black, maybe a little bit of refinement but nothing big.

Finally, Halo 4 teaser in the end, milk it for all it’s worth.

Nintendo Tuesday, 09:00am PDT
First off, Wii HD or a price cut, no and no, it still prints money and those two wont change before that changes.
Motion plus again, but with new games, probably an upgrade to wii fit and I wouldn’t blame them to milk it when you consider the sales figures, may I have a request, make it sturdier so it won’t break when those (read: me) who need it the most steps on it. I think they might add maybe a extra set of motion sensors you strap on yourself or some other way of monetizing this new fad.
New big titles like zelda and mario and a bunch of games, but otherwise a weak lineup.
You know this is not easy since they are pretty tight lipped, even more than usual, I am pretty much expecting a surprise in the end.

Sony Tuesday, 11:00am PDT
Frankly I don’t know how they are gonna fit it all in, this is a pretty big year for sony, I was looking at this e3 bingo thing they have on Joystiq, while both Microsoft and Nintendo are gonna have a hard time filling all the squares (they won’t even come close to half), Sony on the other hand is not, pretty much everything is expected sooner than later, the question is how many will they have time for.
PSP go is a shoe in, and with it comes probably trophies + lots of games and cool stuff.
PS3 slim as well even though it’s rumored for later in this year everybody knows it’s coming and that it’s gonna be cheaper, so they have to announce it, and frankly it’s their biggest day of the year and if they do they will pretty much push out the others out of the news cycle, it’s inevitable.
This pretty much instantly stops all sales of the old ps3, so they are gonna have to drop it by like $100, I don’t think they planned it, but you know whats worse than selling a console for a loss, it’s not selling them at all and have massive stockpiles of them just sitting there.
I think they just have to bite the bullet there.
Games, lot’s of games, exclusive ones like MGS5 (most likely) but also the big block busters like Gran turismo5, Heavy rain, Uncharted 2, Ratchet & clank future 2, God of War 3, M.A.G and so on plus a few new surprises, I don’t think anyone will leave the presser unsatisfied on the game front.
They will also announce a bunch of new psn, ps3 and psp features like upgraded community features, cross game chat, system wide achievement system and ways to benefit from it and show it off.
PS2 compatibility reinstated, it was really only a matter of time, maybe the PSP go will be able to run those games, well some of them.

Also probably a surprise at the end, it’s safe to say that the holiday lineup is secured.

Well that’s all for now and remember that the first presser is on Monday, so set your clocks.

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