Microsoft E3 keynote 09

It starts with a musical act care of Beatles rockband, looks like the characters have been avatarized a bit compared to previous installments and given that it was a full 20 minutes for this game I’m thinking it’s a clear drive towards the older generation like my parents.

The new previously revealed skateboard controller, looks ok, but I doubt it will be that revolutionary, especially compared to the other “controller” they revealed.

They showed a part of Modern warfare2, nice as always, but now it comes with epic ice climbing and snowmobile action + you get a nifty little motion sensor to attach on your gun.
Microsoft got some exclusive dlc maps for it too, timed exclusives that is, they probably paid a lot for them too.

FFXIII demo, looks totally ok, like any other FF, it’s coming spring 2010.

Next they showed a bunch of exclusive games.
shadow complex- side scrolling shooter from epic.
joyride – which is basically mariocart with 360 avatars, and it’s free, but with micro transactions.
Crackdown 2.
left4dead2 – coming November 17, that was fast.
Splinter cell conviction – this fall, not new but with pretty interesting features like mission updates projected at world geometry.
Forza motorsport 3 – looks great, probably drives great, lets see if it can beat GT5, the video editor looks fun though.
Halo 3 ODST, looks great as always, you play as a rookie and have to solve the case of new Mombasa – September 22.
Halo reach falls 2010, new halo game set before all the other games.
Allan wake – spring 2010.

Music is coming to xbox live via
Netflix interface for 360.
Sky live tv for the uk.
Video library upgrade, 1080p, instant play, more countries, it’s now called Zune tv.
Facebook on the 360.
Also twitter.

Hideo Kojima came up in stage, he announced that he is bringing the next MGS to the 360 (also to the PS3 I assume), its called Metal Gear Solid Rising, it’s about Raiden, and from what I can assume see it’s set sometime between MGS2 and MGS4, but I have no confirmation on that.

The biggest news was probably the motion controller for the 360, it works by using a camera and some extremely spiffy software, looks better than i thought though, if they can get it to work that is, it’s supposed to have voice recognition which is funny since no one has ever gotten that to work.
It’s called project Natal, presumably not the final name and to be frank it looks a bit at an alpha stage project.
Either way it’s cool, it has the ability to track the motion of your entire body and provide a detailed analysis of your skeletal structure, additionally also facial recognition and so on.
I think the best remark came during this presentation “You’re not sitting on the couch putting in some pre programmed waggle commands”, ouch Nintendo, they got you good

An interesting software developed using this was presented by Peter Molyneux of Lionhead studios, it’s hard to describe, but basically it’s a CG kid that you talk to and interact with, he can both show emotion and read your emotion, but not only that he interacts with you trough a natural way, like in the demo they had a staffer handed this boy called Milo a drawing just by reaching it out to him, talking to him seems also pretty natural, but I doubt he would pass a turing test.

Sure they didn’t have halo 4 or gears 3, but they did have another halo and we did get to see cliffy b.
Nothing here really surprised me except maybe for Hideo Kojima and Natal (and then only for the scope of features it has).

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