Nintendo E3 keynote 09

A new super mario bros is coming this holiday, no not the 3d crap Nintendo has been producing but rather something that looks a bit like the original super mario bros, but infinitely better graphics and 4 player co-op, looks pretty sweet.

Wii fit plus, is basically just some new software for wii fit, new exercises and games, you can now also choose to focus on a specific area of your body, great but does all of the above count as a specific area, and it’s still pretty flimsy, especially seeing as one of the mini games lets you play something that looks a lot like what mario does, which includes jumping.
Wii Motion plus was also shown but it’s basically the same as last year though it does seem like fun.
Redsteel2 was announced that it will require Wii motion plus.

A bunch of games was announced
“The crystal bearers” from square
a kingdom hearts is coming for wii
“mario and luigi: bowsers inside story”, for the ds this fall
#Golden sun ds#
“Womens murder club, games of passion”, like an interactive book.
“Cop the recruit”
“Style savvy”, shopping made as a game, clearly a tween game, which means it’s TPFS (Too Pink For Sanity)

The DS1 will be able to connect with face book and share photos this summer.

Satoru Iwata talked a bit about introducing new game markets by using new pheriphials, then he introduced, um, the Wii vitality sensor, looks like a pulse ox sensor, it’s gonna be used in a “relaxation game?”, so all you have to do to master the game is to stay alive, well that’s one way of expanding the user market.

There was some exclusive 3rd party titles as well, not new games but still.
“The conduit”
“Resident evil:darkside chronicles”
“Dead space:extraction”

the biggest news (besides the vitality sensor) was the two big core games, first “Super Mario galaxy 2”, exactly as the previous one but now comes with Yoshi., probably out in 2010.

But the next one was a bit of a surprise “Metroid:other m” it comes out in 2010, and is a collaboration with team ninja, it looks really good to, it’s supposed to deal with samus story a little bit deeper along with the rest of the metroid universe.

I though it had a few tidbits it was pretty weak compared to the other ones.

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