Sony E3 Keynote 09

Jack Tretton claims that over 364 new games will be released this year on the various playstation platforms, over 100 of them are PS2 titles

“uncharted 2: among thieves” was demoed, looks good with lots of stuff breaking and lots of dynamic environments, it will definitely be fun to play.

MAG, impressive demo where they showed a 256 player battle in realtime.

Next Kaz Hirai introduced the PSP GO, or “the worst kept secret at this e3” as he himself called it, it will have 16gb of internal memory plus expandability, it’s 40% lighter a feat possible trough the fact that it lacks a UMD drive and will cost $250 or €250 (with added euroscrew).
Comes October 1 in america.
And because of this all new released are no also digitally available

Media go and Sense me, the latter one is a auto play list tool for the psp while the former one replaces Media Manager.
There also announced that there will be 80% Cheaper devkits available, gonna try and get one.
Video download service will soon also work directly on the psp which is good with a lot more video content coming.

Gran Turismo psp, it’s a full gran turismo, full multiplayer and car sharing mode. comes october 1 2009.

Hideo announces “metal gear solid peace walker” for the psp, is a sequel to MGS3 set 10 years after, features what looks like a ufo and multiple snakes, it’s really exiting, it’s coming in 2010.

resident evil comes to the psp this holiday along with a bunch of others like a new daxter, little big planet, soul calibur and motorstorm.

FF7 comes to the psn today.

New ps3 game montage is shown
Uncharted 2, inFamous, Madden, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, Ghostbusters, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Buzz, Saw, Tekken 6, Red Faction Guerilla, Dark Void, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Heavy Rain, Battlefield 1943, PixelJunk Shooter, Katamari, Fat Princess, Zombie Apocalypse, DC Universe Online, LBP (?), BioShock 2, Ratchet & Clank, Fight Night, and God of War 3.

Agent from rockstar north, this is the exclusive for the ps3 that sony got instead of the GTA4 DLC, though sadly they didn’t show anything of it, though they are expecting it to be a magic bullet for the PS3 like GTA4 was, but this time exclusive.

Assassins creed 2 looks awesome comes this holiday.
FF13 trailer looks awesome as always but then came the surprise the FF14 trailer, it’s a MMO and comes exclusively to the PS3 in 2010.

Similar to Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony showed off their new motion controller, it’s pretty similar to the wiimote but it uses the ps-eye camera and a glowing ball at the top to gain sum millimeter scale sensitivity, which is way better than the wiimote but it also has buttons which supposedly is better than natal, besides the system can already be used like natal at least sort of.
It comes sometime in 2010, late I would presume since all they had was prototypes

Mod nation racers, this is to racing what little big planet was to platformers, you got fully customizable cart racers that your fully customizable character drives on tracks which can be made by anyone, all of which you can paint yourself and make pretty much everything in it, pretty sweet, comes in 2010.

The last guardian, looks great, you play as a little kid that has a pet monster which looks like a cross between a gryphon and a dog.

GT5 looks great but we didn’t get a date for it.
And finally God of war 3, Kratos is more brutal than before and it looks stunningly good on the PS3, comes march 2010.

That’s it for the pressers hopefully I can get my new site up and running, then I will have full in depth analysis of a few of the games and the motion controllers.

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