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As things move forwards towards the opening of thegeekstate.com, it’s time to talk about some of it’s features.
Although I will be mostly me that writes all the cool stuff here, a lot will be community based along the lines of “You suggest, I approve”, thus I hope there will be a lot of content flowing trough this site.

News: Yea interesting news from the world of geekdom, be it science, medical, technical, cultural or just fun.

Articles: just aggregating news is not fun, creating it, molding it, making fun of it, analyzing it and plainly telling you whatever I want, that is what I like.
Everything from openGL tutorials, game design, photography, technology, anything really the sky’s the limit, well the size of my database, but that’s another issue.

Reviews: games, books and technical doodads begs for a review, don’t worry though I will try to add my touch to the whole thing, also I will write oppinion pices as it’s unlikely that I get to test them all.

Video sifting: or whatever you would call it, though this will be more like a favorite geek video of the day, such like this one right here.

Community features: no not a forum, I am not that stupid, definitely commenting though like before, and maybe something else, I am not telling though.

Projects: I will be doing some long term projects to advance the knowledge of the universe, and because it’s fun, folow me, replicate it, advance beyond me, and give me feedback or whatever, this is what us geeks do and this is why we now have robot paint ball sentry guns and ipods.
Here is a little something from one of the first ones I am working on.

More: did you say more, why of cause, but look at it as a surprise because I am not telling.

But before that I have at least two big projects with a deadline less than 24 hours away and then it’s on to part 2 of the openGL 3 series.
But until then, happy coding and remember “if you first don’t succeed, iterate”.

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