Uncharted 2

I recently picked up a copy of Uncharted 2: among thieves, specifically one of those limited edition metal ones that is so popular these days. I really wanted to see if it was as good as promised, and with a meta score of 96 it better be.
But let get back to the beginning, two years ago the developer Naughty Dog released Uncharted: Drakes fortune, one of the greater games of -07, especially for the Playstation 3 which had almost no games available at that time and this was an exclusive.

It features Nathan Drake a long lost relative to Sir Francis drake and a treasure hunter with a nack of getting in trouble. Though it’s clearly a homage to tomb raider, this game also has great game play and story, but foremost it is one of the most beautiful games I have seen in a long time (relatively speaking), and the question is, can the sequel give me an equally great wow sensation.

And I have to say yes, there is a lot more detail, open spaces, majestic views per square inch than any game to date, I probably shouldn’t mention any spoilers but at the last area you get to, the very last “town/temple complex” you get to in the game is revealed in such a stunning way that I almost dropped the controller and my first thoughts was, “how the hell did they do that”, “is it even possible”, “it must be a trick of some kind”.

But it wasn’t, I think, well either way it does play well, story Is great and so is multiplayer, but that’s not why you will be playing this game, the reason why I and so many others would give a solid 100% instead of a tripe 96% is the same as to why you would rather stand next to the grand canyon than just looking at a picture of it.

So yea, my recommendation is, get it now and if you don’t have a ps3 get one of those to if only to enjoy this game, and while your at it, get the first uncharted as well, trust me you won’t be disappointed, so until then I leave you with this treat.

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