2009 – end of a decade

You know the drill now add a bit about the last 10 years, there you go.

Wii – so they dropped their price that’s about it besides another Mario game, they really have to step it up, I mean the price drop was only because the ps3 came within $50 at a time from the price of a wii, and the 360 is already down there with their cheapest package (cheap yea, but useless).
Xbox 360 – Well they had a their halo game (ODST) and teased Halo 4, they call it “Halo Reach” but it has the chief in it so it’s halo 4 even though it’s a prequel.
No gears at E3 but dude huge is working on something, and it’s most likely Gears 3.
Biggest news was natal set for release sometime late next year.
PS3 – killzone 2, R&C: a crack in time, uncharted 2, inFamous, all great, a few delays like God of War 3, GT5 and heavy rain and M.A.G. All of them are great.
Ps3 slim and the price drop was the biggest news though, I got the total amount correct but not why and when, although at the time I doubt that even Sony knew.
And yea E3 Was huge for sony, especially with their new motion controllers.

Computer technology
Yes SSDs are now big and fast up to 500GB at the moment with a transfer rate only limited by the SATA cable, but they are expensive like 10-15 times a normal drive.
No real processor revolution this year, sure they are faster but until they start having 16 cores or at least 4 cores and a few vector processors, I am not even gonna bather with these.
AMD came out with their DX11 card, so far it feels just run of the mill with a few extra features.
Nvidias DX11 product has been delayed a bit into 2010 (which meant that AMD did catch up), nobody yet knows how good it will be since Fermi (the new architecture which it’s based on) is pretty modular in design, what is apparent though is that there is plenty of opportunity to improve on the design, also it should probably also be able to do DX12 and 13 as well since it’s all software now.

Consumer electronics
android did gave a decent year especially with the new Droid phone and several announcements from all around the industry like Sonyericssons Xperia X10, if I had the money this would be my next phone, either way it now seems like androids app/media delivery service is a bit better than the apple one, at least it will be.
OLED, seems like it’s one of those off years for OLED, sure we see more and more of the technology, like the tiny Mitsubishi one that can be stacked into huge devices without leaving gaps, otherwise its been a cavalcade of mobile phones to small extremely expensive 15” screens.

Obama did pretty good I think though the republicans didn’t behave nicely.
But in other news we did get a new EU constitution, so maybe something can get done.

Star trek rule, that’s about it.

Apple longshot
Nada, a few new macbooks and general product refreshment and a new ”faster” iphone.
(You know the iphone is starting to feel old to me)

The good
– Star trek.
– Stargate universe, still good, but needs to pick up the phase in second half of the season.
– OpenGL 3.2, it’s finally up to date, mostly.
– Finally got put on a list for surgery to get rid of most of my weight (expect a dedicated blog for it)
– Sony Ericsson Saito and Aino, they are on to something there

The bad
– No duke nukem forever, ever.
– Lot’s of game developers got crapped by the Bagel, we miss you.
– Only 3 seasons of “the IT crowd”
– lost my job, please give me new one.

The 1337
– WebGL, can you say TuToRiAl.
– Sasha Grey (google her), can you say pornstar 2.0.
– Google wave, yea I got it and planning big things for it (add thebigzeo@googlewave.com if you like) otherwise you could ask for an invite.
– Magnet links, score 1 for the pirates.

The ugly
– One word Teabaggers, combining bitter disappointment, laziness, creed, conservatism, creationism and a little bit of racism in one foul bag to thrust in other peoples faces.
– Republicans, like the above, but without the secret service sniper teams, has to be the most childish group I have seen since I was 4.

The Naughties
So ten years of post Y2K fun and only 28 years till next “millennium” bug, what a ride it has been.
During all these years I have had a lot to do, I have worked as a teacher, admin, soldier and web programmer I have managed to squeeze in 4 years of studies and where 3 of them was at the university, I have made a documentary about a movie which has since not been released last time I checked, I have been a defense contractor I have worked on a part of a commercial game, I once stood in the center of Stockholm (our capital city, it’s nice enough to warrant a visit) armed with an AK5 making two drunk Norwegian journalists clean up their own pee from the sidewalk at gun point, legally.
I have lost both grandfathers this last spring within like 2 months of each other, but I did gain a niece and a nephew.
I learned how to fly a RC plane, now I only need a plane to fly with.
I upgraded from ISDN 128k to DSL 512k to Fibre 10Mbit, and next upgrade will be in a few months to 100Mbit
I have done untold amounts of projects, most of them are sort of half done, I have like 10 projects that could actually generate cash, I have only started one of them and completed another.

Now what has happened elsewhere during this time
The Pyrenean Ibex went extinct, then brought back trough cloning and then went extinct again.
Vladimir putting got elected president of Russia, he is still basically there.
We gained 700 million more people, despite attempts to kill them off.
at the beginning I had a Ericsson a1018s which was a good high tech phone, you could even call people with it, today you can do pretty much anything with phones, mine has GPS and a video camera and it’s considered low tech.
Processing power has increased about 1000 times or 3 orders of magnitudes, so has basically everything else dealing with computers.
The sims came out in 2000, since then we have two more versions and a flood of addons and spinoffs, it’s the best selling game series ever, also the most annoying.
Diablo 2 came out, they are still patching it regularly
TFT flat screens went from small and expensive to huge and cheap and almost out of date, CRTs dies a horrible death, yet still my dad insists they have better image quality.
DVDs came and are now on the verge of being replaced
Microsoft went from the worst OS (Me) to the best Os (win 7) in their history.
Firefox entire existence and eventual dominance as a browser took place during this time.
I could probably list a lot more, but I won’t, see ya next year.

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