It’s time again for another update on my wonderful blog, and for the first time i have nothing to write about but I’ll think i will do ok.

First, finally the showreel is going on line, i only have one more page to translate, it contains things i have done and basically consists of a lot of screenshots and rendered images, not all images though, a lot of the images i have produced are “not work safe” and some are just test or texture renders, silly me, making geometry without rendering it in all it’s full glory.
Naturally i will add on this at the rate i can do more stuff.

Moving on.
The Internet problem in my last post turned out to be mostly the routers fault, and while i may have to reboot it every week or so, it is well worth the effort.
And speaking of downloading stuff, i got a list of anime you should try and download.

Pani poni dash < more insane than azumanga, 100x the speed.
Black cat
Solty rei
Ichigo mashimaro < translates into “strawberry marshmallows” and is about as sweet as that.
FMP – TSR < a must, get the whole series, i command you, you will never regret it.
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan < gives a new meaning to ka-splat.

Hmm… maybe i will make a post or two later on about the anime that i love so much and why i kinda smile about the fact that the only anime the Swedish (state owned politically correct publicservice) kids channel (SVT Barnkanalen) show is Card captor Sakura.

witch brings us to japan, i got a friend who is studying there for a year and he got a (Swedish)blog up about this “experience” at http://johanijapan.blogspot.com/.
(ok i admit, he only basically writes about getting drunk all the time and partying a lot)

Ok, all the time i have today, i have to get cracking on that last page translation, but before we end i have to offer my advice to someone.
Bill,i know you want to rule the world, but making your future minions go trough a hard time with your software, your questionable licenses, the undead horde of lawyers and other miscellaneous crap, isn’t good for morale.
So as a megalomaniac evil genius to another, consult me before the invasion.
And Steve Balmer has gotta go, he is not god for anything

Um, yea and also, I’m still unemployed, i want this state fixed, and now.

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