Annual endgame

It’s the end of the line, well for this year anyway.
So i thought id’ look back on the year that was, the good, the bad, the 1337 and the ugly.

The good

– Real fiber broadband rulez, i am now officially an LPB.
– The war against piracy, pirates lots, anti pirates still 0.
– F.E.A.R – great game, play it, i command you.
– WoW – although it was launched last year, one year of wow has been good to the gaming world, it is truly the best acronym for this game.
– Battlefield 2 – better than it’s predecessor (naturally), and i also hope to work for the guys who did it.
– Star Wars episode 3, finally it’s complete.
– Got a lava lamp, it brings me joy.
– Stargate SG1 got a tenth(Atlantis a third) season, yay.
– Finally no more school, now i can go to work.
– Bush is finally starting to feel some heat for what he has done.
– The tsunami and the quake in Pakistan may be bad, but it did bring out the best in us, personally i didn’t donate, but it’s because the best in me is my evil part, muahahahahaha.
– Israel vs Palestine is finally going the right way, although Israel doesn’t seem to want to play that game, indirect sustained fire against Gaza might be fun, but you don’t create buffer zones inside other nations, you do it in your own nation.

The bad

– Got a lava lamp, it brings me joy, i need a date, now!
– Finally no more school, now i can go to work, just need to find work.
– Sweden’s new filesharing laws, it’s starting to reek a little of DMCA here.
– Enterprise got canceled, shame paramount give us more star trek.
– Duke nukem forever, it really does take forever.
– I had multiple computer failures, two mobos, a few HD’s and a cpu fan, i need a new comp.

The 1337

– PS3, i have never seen a whole room of my fellow classmates get a Cg porn orgasm from watching a crappy gamespot live feed from E3, until the Sony PS3 unveiling that is, iz gonna be sweet.
– Xbox360, sweet console, but not at sweet as the PS3, more like the dream cast and we all know what happened to that.
– The Nintendo revo(revolution), the console itself is surprisingly dramatically not sweet, but the controller is, mostly because it looks like a sex toy, gg Nintendo.
– PSP, not only did the Playstation roundhouse kicked the Nintendo console just like Chuck Norris, now Sony does the same thing to the gameboy, but the DS did win an award for most perverse console according to VG cats, hmm, i see a pattern emerging here.
– GF7800GTX 512 – i want one or more, dual core processors – them to, cell – I’m getting a PS3 so i will get four of them.

The ugly

– Sony DRM, what where you thinking with, i can bypass it without even thinking and it ass rapes other peoples computers, DRM WILL NEVER EVER WORK!!!!.
– APB, these guys are pathetic, they break the law, they make people hate them, and they think they are doing good, and they get pwnd every time.
– Henrik Pontén, the front figure previous organization, Sweden’s most hated man, right after Bert Karlsson.
– Sam the dog died, and boy was he ugly.
– Windows Vista, i liked the longhorn name better and some design decisions like the crippled openGL, the DRM crap, DX10 and other misc crap. It makes me wanna get a mac, and there is no one on this planet that hates macs more than me. I think perhaps i gonna try Linux once more, but Linux needs to get a grip and clean things up before it can compete with windows.
– Jack Thompson, he is the kind of guy that if someone killed him, froze his body, cut him up in little pices and then used them to stab little children to death, it would still be a justifiable homicide.

Phew, lot’s of typing, fingers are hurting.
In the next post(or the one after that depending on the collective of fuckheads in this world) i will talk about my future predictions for 2006 and beyond.

Finally some advice for everyone, get some exercise, having a pasta/pizza/cola diet + 0 exercise for 6 months + insomnia + a nasty cold is not good for you, i learned this the hard way.

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