Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a slight change in the design of this page, that’s because i am now using wordpress instead of my own home cooked variant. it’s really in an effort to be able to post more and post efficiently.

Now sure i could have done all of this myself, but it takes a way to much time, and i want to focus the web development on thegeekstate.com which is going to take over a lot when it comes to reviews, tutorials and so on, so this site will be more of a regular blog with more frequent updates regarding projects and stuff like that.

Speaking of which as soon as i get this site up and running at the level i want it to i am going to start my first project, actually it technically already started when i did the first idea work on it, but i count actually doing physical stuff as when it starts. Technically speaking this will only be a partial project, it’s something i need for the second and so on, it’s game related and is one of the hardest things to do and get right.

Well anyway i hope this will work better than the previous version.

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