E3 2010 – microsoft predictions


  • Natal may get pretty expensive, up to $150
  • Rumors of the 360s successor is doing the rounds, probably not this year thogh
  • Natal may really be called “Kinect”, i like natal better.
  • It may also be called wave.
  • the 360 may be getting live TV.
  • A slimmer 360 may be announced
  • may have up to 15 natal launch titles

What we know

  • Low on exclusives for fall/winter
  • Microsoft is having a separate event for natal a day later, one that intersects with sonys presser.
  • a lot of third party titles is inevitable


The separate natal show was a bit of a curve ball i might say, i mean they have to talk about it but just how much, they will probably reveal the true name, and demo some things, but that’s it. but if i have to make a guess they begin with telling us how solid their system is and how good their community is and that it’s going to get even better, then they show a  few third party games, probably get a few celebrities to show up like perhaps green day to show their new “Green day :rock band” game.

after that they will have a halo demo and perhaps a few new exclusives followed by a long discussion on new features like connection to every social website ever made and more. natal will be demoed next followed by something other, really here is where they either blow our minds or fall flat, i mean it could be anything like balmer screaming for 10 minutes, it would be fun but not an e3 presser.

I don’t think there will be a slimmer 360, remember it has been around for 5 years now and they said that the 360 only had a 7 year lifespan, so they will likely announce a successor next year and  given Microsofts history they will likely  just discontinue the 360 in 3 years, also the design of the removable HDD and face plates says that they wont, sure the insides will shrink but not the outside.

Besides all the natal hoopla i don’t think there will be much to cheer about, not this year anyway.

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