E3 2010 – nintendo predictions


  • Nintendo 3DS might be showed at e3
  • The 3DS doesn’t just have a 3D display but also a 3D camera of some sort
  • The 3DS is coming sooner than expected
  • WiiHD
  • Zelda is the only rumored game

What we know

  • Pachter has been talking WIIHD for two years now
  • Nintendos presser is two hours long
  • No WiiHD leaks, lots of rumors though, though they all say the same thing, that it will use HD resolution.
  • Few games announced ahead of time besides mario galaxy 2 and metroid other m


This is a little hard, we know that a large portion of the presser will be about the 3DS, another shoe in is the vitality sensor, probably with another wii fit update, there will also be substantial demos of the mario and metriod games, add the self gloating “were still number 1” introduction and your left with little time for anything else.

an alternative though is for them to basically forgo the usual stuff and just open with the vitality sensor, do a little bit on the 3DS and go full bore on the WiiHD or Wii 2 or whatever it’s called and then finish up with zelda as a wiiHD launch title.

But i don’t think so, while Pachter is right  that it’s the right time to introduce the WiiHD i don’t think they will, it’s nintendo were talking about, if you think back a while to lets say the gamecube and the gameboy advance and you will realize that nintendo as a hit and miss company and recently they have been hitting home-runs, but i don’t think anyone there knows why, not even miamoto. They also suck at marketing, or rather its something they don’t do, they just make the stuff and if its a hit they don’t have to, if it’s a miss they don’t want to.

No they are more likely to try a addon product like the vitality sensor then making a new console because it worked before, both with the wii more and with the balance board. though they somehow seems to forget wii speak and the mariokart wheel.

So no WiiHD, maybe next year.

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