E3 2010 – Sony predictions


  • The ps3 XMB is getting a total remake, not just new art or columns.
  • The ps3 is getting a paid premium account like the 360, but its supposedly cheaper and you wont loose stuff if your using a free account.
  • Agent will finally be revealed.
  • Move is supposedly be pretty cheap, at least in comparison to natal.
  • MGS: Peacewalker could be coming to the ps3, and maybe not just as a straight PSP to PSN port.
  • The ps3 will bring 3d gaming to 120Hz displays, that we know, but they might also do it for basically any display.
  • Sony has supposedly a lot of new big AAA titles for E3 reveal.
  • The PS3 might actually be turning a profit and have been for some time now.

What we know

  • Move is going to be a pig part of this E3
  • So is 3D displays
  • Sony has basically no first party titles for fall and winter  release
  • There has been some time since Sony did something big, besides Move and 3D gaming that is.
  • There have been few updates for the PS3 in terms of features.


As always Sony will be going home with best in show again despite Microsofts heroic attempts and here is why. the first part will be all about what has been done, “we are still going strong and has increased our market share” will be heard in some form, then they will introduce some new psp titles one or two third party titles like the new Call of duty before reveealing some of their first party lineup.

Second part is all about transforming the experience, first up is 3D, they demo a few older gamesand then move on to Move, they show off a few move specific games and some first person shooters like socom, there is another AAA game revealed that uses move in a innovative way which then leads of into a little big planet 2 demo. after all that jack will step up on the scene and say -“but that’s not all”  and reveal the total rehash of the ps3 software and interface, it will work with move and probably also without any controllers if you want it to (stealing some of natals thunder).

Third part is all about the new game lineup, bombshells will be dropped, I’m thinking like “Mass effect 3″, Agent, FF14, GT5 and probably even GTA5 (though that will only be a teaser). MGS: Rising with a demo form kojima is to be expected as is stuff we never thought was possible. there will also be something about the premium service and how it will transform gaming as you know it.

Fourth and final part is all about,”one more thing”, who knows at this point, most likely you get a $50 price drop on the basic ps3 and then a bundle with move (which is a nice reassurance for us that paid over $1000 for the original, personally i think that all of us that got the original 60GB fat one should get the premium account for free), well anyway the end will be pretty spectacular, even for the rest of the show, whatever that could be *hint* PSP2 *hint*.

Ok lets talk a little about the new XMB remake, basically it’s like this most sony products use the XMB in one way or another, it used to be a pretty neat way to organize stuff, especially on the psp, but it is also a big bottle neck as the more stuff you add the harder it is too navigate, multitasking is becoming a problem and there is basically no third party access to it. It has to change at one point, especially if the PS4 is going to use it in the future so it’s only fitting to do it now.

also there is a lot of things missing from the xmb and the rest is more or less a placeholder, it lacks the community functions like the 360 has and there is basically no infrastructure for it, everything new feels tacked on and patched up. Like PS2 support, my PS3 has it, sort of, it crashes a lot and i cant run all the games on it, it would be good to get some decent ps2 software emulation, i know it’s possible since i have seen it done on a way less powerful machine. All these reasons and more is why i feel that the interface needs to be reworked and since we basically never had any real updates this year (for both the PS3 andPSP)  it’s a good bet they are working on something big, especially if they are revealing the PSP2 this E3.

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