Rebirth is imminent

Ok last time i said that is was currently doing a slight redesign of the site, it turns out that i sort of kinda went a bit to far when i did that, it’s now a complete redesign, but no worries it’s better now, grayer, but better, it’s even IE compatible (by accident).

The comment system is also operational (but only on the redesigned site), you can comment on every post here, even previous ones, it can even take bbcode and stuff.
You could even comment now if you had the link to the test site that is, but don’t expect them to last as i will purge all posts when the site goes live.

The site is almost done, i got a few bugs to iron out, convert and upgrade the admin system, and finally transfer all the old content to the new site system, but not before i redesign it though (internally they will now become special blog posts).
This is so i can update stuff on those pages (+ blogposts) without the use of an ftp client and a lot of hazzle.

Moving on.
A new anime season is here with lot’s of new great anime series, it’s looking good, but it’s still early an only a few have actually aired and even fewer are available on fansub, so i have to get back to you on this, bit it’s looking good.
Also next season in April we get a real treat, The Disgaea anime, i don’t know what you think but all i have to say is “nin nin nin”.

Last but not least, im thinking about letting more people in here, to actually write stuff, mail me if your interested.
Also, to anyone who dares, i want logo graphics, different ones for every day, there are only 4 things i want you to keep in mind, correct size and format(png), work safe images only, it has to say, and finally the corners must be beveled with the right colors(the right side is a bit grayer) like this first one i made.
it doesn’t have to be anime related though, just check the logo-02.png

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