E3 2010 – microsoft scorecard

Ok so i was worng about greenday and the new xbox and the social features.

But it’s not that far off as the only non exclusives they showed was the new Call of Duty: black ops and MGS Rising and music games are not exclusive by far. add to that the social features that kinect provides and were good on that front as well.

The new xbox was a bit unnecessary in my mind, sure new internal components, but new case?, only if it’s radically different, which it’s not it has a built in wifi and a kinect redy usb port, the PS3 slim was radically different in size, like half the size, but the new xbox is not maybe 15% smaller but that’s it. anyway it’s shipping next week and will cost $299 with the arcade version dropping to $149.

they also showed gears 3, fable 3, halo reach and something called codename: kingdoms (possibly a placeholder) from crytek, halo reach has spacecombat, but otherwise all of these are as you expect, if not a bit blander since it’s been done before.

Metal gear solid: Rising, though the trailer was short it does look pretty good and it features free form cutting, basically you can cut people anywhere and it still looks pretty good with soft body deformations and so on.

the rest of the show was dedicated to Kinect which comes out november 4th in the us, which is the new name for natal, it introduces a new interface which is basically six boxes and a few surrounding icons that you hold a virtual hand in front for a while and it goes there, it also works with voice, but pretty much everything works the same way, move your hand to the icon you want and wait for 2-3 sec and there it goes. they then demoed video chat which is exactly what you think it is and it works like everything else, though one surprise is that it also works with live messenger.

Espn is also coming to xbox with “3,500 live and on-demand events including College Football, College Basketball, MLB and Soccer” (football for you non Americans), though it’s unsure if it’s coming to the rest of the world.

they then showed six kinect games, most of them looked surprisingly familiar

  • Kinectimals, cute animal fame in the same genera as nintendogs and eyepet.
  • Kinect sports, as ripped directly from any Wii sports game.
  • Kinect Joyride, the game they showed last year, but now with 1000% more arm pain.
  • Kinect adventures, basically a combination between a theme park ride and human tetris.
  • Your shape: fitness evolved, the halo of wii fit and something i cant break in contrast with wii fit.
  • Dance central: just dance on steroids.

But all in all nothing here was particularly impressive, not that many games or surprises, the rumors where mostly spot on and no major speculations on whats coming, where the only major speculative thing was basically the smaller xbox, will it come or not, it did in the end, but they could just as well kept the old design to preserve the brand.

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