E3 2010 – nintendo scorecard

As usual Nintendo fails to prove pachter right, it wasn’t a bad press conference just one with few surprises. though on the games side they where spot on which is not at all surprising if you take in consideration all pedigree of tier one IP’s they have that we haven’t seen in a while.

But as i said, few surprises, no WiiHD but other than that the rumors where spot on, basically the entire thing started with a zelda demo, which looks decent i guess though i don’t think it’s as 1 to 1 responsive as they claim, sure if you slash with your wiimote left to right link will do as well, but it’s not like you could carve your initials in the enemies.

then they showed the folowing games

  • Mario sports mix, only mario game this year
  • Wii party, E3s least imaginative title, will probably sell the most though
  • Just dance 2 , the previous title never stopped selling, so hence JD2
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, for ds comes this fall
  • Golden eye for wii, it’s like golden eye but new, though still old, i never understood golden eye being the best fps, i was always a quake guy
  • Epic mickey
  • Kirbys epic yarn, probably the best game reveal Nintendo had, it looks really good, someone figured out how to max out the wii
  • Dragons quest 9, yay finally, i have no idea why though, comes July 11
  • metroid other m, the news is that it comes august 31
  • Donkey Kong country returns, like the old one but it looks marginally better.

All of this is a great list any year, but to finish it off they showed the 3DS, it looks exactly like a DS1, but it now have two back facing cameras, o  and a 3d display, it’s also supposed to be faster, but judging from the one game shown on it it’s still not close to even a psp in power.

The game revealed probably got larger applause than the console itself, it’s basically the first such game since the NES, “Kid Icarus uprising”, though the game should really have been on the Wii to make it justice, on the other hand MGS3 is getting a 3DS port, so maybe it will look better when it’s done.

So yea they scoored high points for retro fanservice some for the 3ds but very few points from the non grown up on the NES+SNES community, except for kirby, that one will be epic.

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