E3 2010 – Sony scorecard

Yea as always they didn’t disappoint, but there where only really 2.5  surprises the first was “Heroes on the move” which is a game that is an algamation of the ratchet & clank, jak & daxter and sly cooper universes.

The second one was twisted metal for ps3, and the last half was portal 2 though it’s not totally a surprise as i predicted it to happen when steam for mac was announced.

So besides these surprises there where a lot of game demos, maybe not in the order i predicted, but close

  • Killzone 3
  • sorcery
  • tiger woods
  • LBP 2
  • GT5 – finally comes november 2
  • infamous 2

besides this there are about 70 psp games and a pile of ps3 games that where announced before E3

Playstation plus was announced, it’s the premium service that gives you extra stuff like access to game betas, free games and the like.

Move was also demoed, looks pretty good, comes this september 15 in europe, 4 days later in the us.

well even though it was a good show i can’t help but think that they wanted to show so much more, i know that there are two more SKUs in the pipeline, as well as a new MGS, and that the ps3 is due for a big update pretty soon last update was 3.40 and every half and whole major version is a big one, and it should come pretty soon. it’s like they wanted to but it wasn’t finished so it has to wait until TGS.

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