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A early gpu rendering of the buddaprot
What you see here is the buddabrot, this fractal is based on the ever so popular Mandelbrot fractal, and while the Mandelbrot is easy to render using the gpu the buddabrot is not since it’s based on scattering (the gpu really only does gathering), which means two things
1. i need to use the geometry shader, which limits the maximum set of iterations
2. each and every pixel rendered (and here we are talking billions) needs to be blended using the built in fixed function pipeline, which limits the speed of the process quite effectively.

Now while this looks decent it’s only a few minutes of exposure, on a cpu it generally takes 3 hours to do 10 billion pixels, on the gpu it takes 27 hour to test 10 billion pixels but since that number only includes one pixel per test, if they generate on average 10 per test it would take 2,7 hours and so on, i don’t know the exact amount though, but currently not more than 135 at the moment.

Whats more it needs more color, i have some ideas for that but we will see what happens later on.

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