under the knife

By this time tomorrow i will be at the hospital getting ready to have surgery first thing Monday morning and at the moment i am somewhat nervous to say the least, but hopefully it will allow will turn a new leaf and get on the right track. If all goes well i will be up and about by Tuesday, though in case i don’t well i really don’t care at that point.

Either way i like to say a few words about what im doing and a few other stuff. Though i really haven’t been doing anything the last two weeks due to an unfortunate mix of a low calorie diet(800Kcal) and minecraft, but before that i did a lot of work with fractals, i haver already implemented the mandelbrot and jula sets, with their respective 3D variants, i also did the mandel bulb and buddabrot (as seen in the previous post) variants which where a bit harder to implement but it’s worth it, finally i implemented the quaternion julia set inside a ray tracer, though it still doesn’t work exactly as i want it to as the normals a a bit off and so are the shadows that it casts.

Minecraft is an addictive game, that we all know, so i have been analyzing it a bit trying to distill it’s greatness. And what can i say, now i really want to make a game like that, but without all those cubes and more guns, lots of guns. Don’t know where to start though but probably by first removing the flexible render pipeline from coldfire and implementing a deferred renderer, then adding a proper scenegraph to it with proper physics, physics that i write myself and not that havoc drivel that doesn’t do any energy conservation double checks (mucho importanto). I really do want some ideas from you but as the idea is today it’s gonna be a First person survival shooter where the player is alone in the woods with little or no ammo.

I am also thinking about doing some android apps, don’t know much beyond that though other than i like them to become useful tools instead of some type of vanity or entertainment app, or well i guess ill make one or two of those too. Though i don’t know how much you can do with a camera, an accelerometer with gyro, compass, gps and user input, well a lot i guess, if only it had stuff like a gas chromatographer and/or a spectrometer, though i guess i could build one of those.

O and lastly a tiny family update, my sister got a third child earlier this year, her name is “Kira sol”.

Evan, holly and kira

Evan, holly and kira (doing her mini-me impression)

Kira Sol Wallström

Kira Sol Wallström with the deer caught in headlights look she gets when ever she sees a camera, she is usually pretty happy.


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