Maho saito transform

As you can see we got a new look, it’s better in many ways, like me.
The posts are now all pure bbcode and you can comment on them.
Next thing to remake (or make in this case since i didn’t get around doing it for the last site) is the ColdFire mini site.
Speaking of coldfire, i have begun theoretical work on it’s successor called FlashFire, the concept of FlashFire is hard to explain (mostly because I’m working on the particulars myself), but in the end it’s a lot more than just a game engine.
But the interesting part is that when it’s done, the absolute minimum c-code required for a full game is no more than a “hello world”.

A week ago i talked about the new anime season, it is still early but so far i have identified as much as 3 new series I’m gonna continue watching.
Kage Kara Mamoru
They are all a bit girly and one of them is even a magical girl anime complete with transformation sequences, but they all have redeeming qualities such as lots of slapstick and more than a few “pantyshots”.
Not all series has been aired yet, there is still some that I’m waiting to check out, one of them airs tomorrow.
Hayate X Blade
Wan Wan Serepu Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin
Ergo Proxy
Keisatsu Sensha Tai TANK S.W.A.T. 01
and of cause the Helsing OVAs.

That is all for today, but remember this, i am standing right behind you.

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