Ready, aim, fire

The US Army didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it turns out they already had some a lot closer a hand, how about that Cheney incident, he is finally doing the right thing, shooting lawyers in the head with a shot gun.
But enough with the jesus freaks proving evolution to be a true.
Finally, a new season of Real time with Bill Maher is here, and it couldn’t have started any better, Cheney basically handed the main topic on a platter.
I don’t think it’s a secret that i kinda look up to Bill, i mean, he’s a funny guy and he has the guts to say what he really thinks, people like him are an endangered species in these days.
People today talk about values, ethics and morals, i don’t think people know what these are and i am frankly surprised that people think other people have low morals.
No they don’t have low morals, they just don’t know what their values are.
Bill knows what he values, i know what my values are (and they are a bit “special”), do you?

The last few weeks i have been busy with a couple of my own game projects (in between doing nothing that is), there are two of them, the first of them i was first written in 2002 and is about a war in the near (alternate) future against The US, but don’t worry it’s not the same US as we have today (or is it).
Well anyway, the second project is sort of a tie in, but not even close to the same story, or even the same game type, it’s a standard Starcraft like RTS with a few new cool things, and if you want to use them, well I’m always employable.

Saw the new Hellsing ova, see it, i command you, no, really, see it.
Same with the other series i mentioned last time.

And finally (i know i neglected this in the last few posts) it’s time to give some advice to somebody, to make it up i got two this time.
Cheney, next time you shoot a 78 year old lawyer in the head consider this.
1. A shotgun is more effective up close.
2. Make sure to finish it off with a second shot.
3. An assault rifle or a submachine gun is more effective on humanoid targets, might i suggest a P90, it’s light, compact and easy to shoot.

Petter(the idolized Swedish rapper, that i don’t like): you say you want to kill all who download your music, i do to, not because they download your music, but because the actually listen to it.
Please mister sucky rapstar, if you don’t want people do download your music you have two options.
1. Make music people actually want to buy.
2. Don’t make any music at all, and i would prefer this.

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