2010 the year that was

2010 the year that things happened, a oil well leaked, gays can serve in the military (the us one that is, we have had it for ever), i got a second stomach and lost about 20Kg or 44,09245243697552lbs give or take a pund or so. the tech market also expanded as we saw the first 3D tvs along with a crap load of android devices.

There is a quote on the top of the front page that say something like ” if you don’t have any white plastic on your device your some kind of retard” poetic words from penny arcade said five years ago referring to ipods and other devices, but looking at the 2011 CES those words hold true today only you have to change “white plastic” to “black plastic and android”, they had it running on everything from phones, tabs, tv sets, cars, refrigerators, headphones and so forth. So how did my predictions go then.

Wii – yea nothing exiting for 2010, they did announce the 3ds but it hasn’t been released yet.

xbox360 – yea same here, though Microsoft did have more things going on, i missed the slim version, but that was only made so that more people would upgrade their boxes, and when they do that the might as well get a kinect which is essentially the name of the game, sell more kinects than Sony sells moves, though in the end i suspect it will be more up to the software than the hardware when it comes to motion gaming and if Sony can create or retrofit a bunch of FPS games to use move in a good way, they will win, not that it matters for Microsoft since this is a really big research project for them into controller-less computing and image/voice recognition.

Ps3 – pretty good year as expected, though few really big titles, as with all the gaming industry, 2010 was an off year, they released move, but forgot to release that many games for it but i guess during 2011 there will be lots more, though im still waiting for the flood of wii titles that are getting ported, like the rabbids games. Also no new XMB, i still think something like this will come since there has been now new developments with it, only like antipiracy updates and 3D features, but perhaps their waiting for the ps4 as the ps3 celebrates 5 years in November 2011 and the ps4 is likely to come in 2013-15 given a 7 to 10 year life cycle and that usually means things are going to leak out about it 1-2 years ahead of time, this means that they are ramping up the development of it, including software.

Computer Technology
Yes tablets became the big thing to have though in my opinion tablets aren’t that useful until web 3.0 and 4.0 (more about that some other time). in other news Fermi also rocked while the fill rate and overall card performance is at par with AMD it has over 8 times the geometry throughput, something that just became important with the advent of tessellation which is really the only reason to upgrade to DX11, and finally not much news about SSDs, but they are availible and have come down to more reasonable price levels so if you want a fast system drive then now is the time you could get one, just check the tests and reviews first as quality and speed still fluctuates wildly.

Consumer electronics
Even though apple released their masterpiece the iphone 4 android phones caught up as their both cheaper and IMO better, i have a Galaxy S and i know exactly why this is the case, besides iphone has existed for 4 years and android only really one year, so next year we will see who will come out of this victorious.

Besides for phones there hasn’t been much of news regarding AMOLED (my phone has one and i don’t see why there not everywhere,  1.000.000:1 real contrast ratio is nothing to scuff at), i know that at least one new 31″ display will come pretty soon, but we will just have to wait another year, and personally for me at least 2-3 years as i just got a new 23″ panel when my last one blew a capacitor a few weeks after the warranty expired.

3D is big and as expected most new TV’s have it, at least in the upper price range, still my dad refuses to by one though, even one without 3D, his motivation was that mom said  “we are planning on renovating the living room so we don’t know which model will look right”, and when i explained that all models where basically thin black rectangles in various sizes with a 16:9 aspect ratio that uses a fraction of the power our old 32″ behemoth wide screen SDTV does (and judging, by the weight, it can probably take an RPG to the glass and still survive), they still refuse to believe me.

Everything i said a year ago was totally backwards, north korea erupted in a hissyfit while israel did not, the conservatives won in sweden and now they want to lower taxes even though they said they would not and the teaparty took over politics in america. But there are encouraging signs though, there is still no outright war in korea, the conservatives in sweden can’t seem to keep it together anymore and the republicans have messed up on everything they ever did since they took power

lots of great movies came out and i saw less sucky music coming out of the states, though i only wish the same could be said for here, someone needs to cancel all these american idol, dancing with the stars type of shows, they are killing our culture.

Apple longshot
While no wireless earplugs i was spot on, these devices however does not have android, so they are to me nonfunctional.

The good
– fourth season of IT crowd.
– Samusung Galaxy S, it has an official overlord of the universe (me) seal of approval (The Nexus S will do in a pinch).
– Kickass the movie, also a lot of the other movies
– Duke nukem is alive again, no wonder he is such a hero
– Had surgery, am now rapidly loosing weight

The bad
– Big oil spill, and nobody learned anything from it, infact i think people got stupider.
– the conservatives won again in sweden.
– So did the teaparty, if anyone knows how to kill a nation, they do.
– Ipad and Iphone 4, two devices while technically fine where driven by greed and protectionism, also no android on them.

The l33t
– Samsun Galaxy S, had it for a month now and still discovering new things about it.
– Minecraft, all the l33t kids are doing it.
– starcraft 2, a well tuned symphony of carnage.

The uggly
– Bp and the republicans, talk about one being bought by the other, it’s like the pope defending Hitler saying “Sure he’s evil, But in his defense he is a catholic and we should be thankful of that”, o wait he sort of did back then.
– Mr orange and all the other republicans for being proud of making sure america dies a little more every day.

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