H5N1: death from above

So this has been my week so far.
Within 24 hours of my last post i got the flu, or something worse, since my immune system is top notch it has to be something like H5N1 or possibly the Ebola virus
So the last week my body has felt like Peter Stormare just un-pimped my auto, and with auto i mean my body.

In other news conroe is released, and frankly its preformance shocked not only me but others to, anandtech.com had to redo the tests to be sure of the results they where getting, 20% more performance than AMD64 X2 with a clock speed about 133MHz higher, just wait until the 3GHz model comes, way to go Intel.

Also Nvidia regained the throne it lost to the x1900XTX(way to many x-es fore my taste) a few weeks ago with their new GF7900GTX, if ever so slightly though.
I still think the g80(or nv50 if you prefer) will be as much a revolution as the NV40 was, but we will just have to wait and see.

I have been thinking of putting a few advanced openGL tutorial series here, the first one will be about FBO, then possibly GLSlang shading.
But it has to wait to at least after my head stops feeling like i just had a lobotomy with a rusty nail.

And Finally, I don’t know how many times i and my peers will have to repeat this.
RIAA, MPAA, IFPI and all the other DRM-loving necrophiliacs i have one thing to say, DRM doesn’t work, it never has, never should and it never will.
Just because your eternally flawed DRM anti copying mechanisms can kill people doesn’t mean they should.

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