2011 what year it will be part 1

Welcome to my predictions for 2011, for this year i decided to change the format a bit to make it more readable, more specific and a bit less vague, so this year I’m doing a top ten and two top fives, both for gaming and for the other stuff, which incidentally requires me to use two posts, otherwise you would be reading it for quite some time. so today we start with games, and in about a week or so the rest, and after that i have something planned that i know you all been waiting for, if i finish it soon then the first two months of 2011 would be pretty full for this site.

Gaming likely

[stextbox id=”grey”]10. Duke is finally here[/stextbox]

Not really a stretch anymore , it’s coming may 3:rd, though i won’t be surprised if it slips a bit, it’s duke after all

[stextbox id=”grey”]9. Rare looses more of it’s dignity with yet another kinect game[/stextbox]

Rare was once one of the mighty ones in gaming, they made games like golden eye, donkey kong country, perfect dark and conkers bad fur day, to be honest i don’t think i ever played a rare game, doesn’t matter though since they used  to do whatever they felt was a great game, conkers bad fur day is a great example of this, but ever since they made a deal with the devil they are now making whatever Microsoft thinks some people would like, hint they don’t. They already released Kinect sports, so we only have to wait for the next shining turd of gaming history to drop.

[stextbox id=”grey”]8. Big PS Move holiday push[/stextbox]

No big news here, a few details though, first is that they are going for the wii audience as many of the games will have a wii counterpart and secondly the hardcore market ie. FPS games.

[stextbox id=”grey”]7. Microsoft pushes kinect to hard, forgets the hardcore gamers this year[/stextbox]

Microsoft on the other hand is going for the kiddie/family market forgetting much of the hardcore market, xboxians will get gears of war 3 but that’s about it for for exclusives.

[stextbox id=”grey”]6. PSP mediabliz blowout at E3[/stextbox]

The worst kept secret in gaming is the psp phone, there are already in depth reviews  and teardowns for it, it’s been rumored to be announced in a week or so, it’s not unlikely that Android is the way Sony will choose to go with the PSP2 and even the PS4 as it reduces the incentives to hack it. In related news, the PSP2 is coming to,and will probably be announced at E3, even though i could probably link you an image right now. It’s rumored to be as fast as the Ps3, now i don’t think so, it might be as fast as a Ps3 running the same game in 1080p while itself running at 720p, i also dont think the cpu is as fast making things like physics a bit slower or simpler depending on the game, either way it will probably blow all the competition out of the water, including the iphone5 and 3DS.

[stextbox id=”grey”]5. New valve game, possibly HL2 episode 3, but probably just another left 4 dead[/stextbox]

Half life 2 episode 3 is way overdue, but the real question is will it ever come or will they jump straight to HL3 and that probably means they have to make the Source2 engine, either way portal 2 is coming soon late April last time i checked and that leaves the entire year open for a new game to be announced, maybe Left 4 dead 3, but it’s been done, L4D3 could just as easily be a DLC and Team Fortress 2 uses an ongoing dev model (though eventually there has to be a TF3), so HL2:ep3 is really the logical choice.

[stextbox id=”grey”]4. New big sony IP on the way[/stextbox]

For no other reason than messing with Microsoft, which is good enough reason, but they basically always do this to get new IP’s and that takes guts and cash (mostly cash) which Sony can provide.

[stextbox id=”grey”]3. Next tombraider will actually be pretty good, a clone of uncharted, but good[/stextbox]

I just have a feeling on this, latest screen shots features a dirty laura croft (you know that sexy kind of dirt) and what is usually the state of drakes shirt, that’s right ,dirty. uncharted and tomb raider has always been somewhat similar and its not unlikely that the Tomb raider team will steal some of what makes uncharted great, you know some of the story elements, the controls and gaming elements.

[stextbox id=”grey”]2. GTA V at E3[/stextbox]

GTA IV came on 2008 san andreas in 2004 GTA III in 2001 with a few smaller games in between, that’s roughly 3-4 years apart, now the ps4 an xbox 720 is to far away for that time frame, besides don’t think rockstar wants to make GTA V a console launch title as GTA is their pride and joy, so no it won’t be for those machines, so we are talking current gen here and it’s already been 3 years since last one, well 3 in a few months that is and given their usual teasing of products, it’s a really distinct possibility that it will be at E3 this year.

[stextbox id=”grey”]1. Ps3 pricedrop to $199[/stextbox]

sometime this summer the PS3 will have been priced at $299 for two years and they are beginning to fall behind slightly with both nintendo dropping their price and microsoft releasing a never cheaper SKU, it’s not entirely improbable that they will drop the price, in fact they pretty much have to since it’s not unlikely that both nintendo and microsoft will do the same. And it won’t be $249 as many has suggested, that ship sailed last year.
$199 for the base SKU and $299 for the move + bigger HDD is to me a prettty good price, especially with the psp2 that might be as fast as the ps3 in some cases.

Gaming maybe

[stextbox id=”grey”]5. Wii sucessor anounced[/stextbox]

Well it’s about time

[stextbox id=”grey”]4. Big PS3 firmware update, unhackable, for now[/stextbox]

Ditto, basically the ps3 hasn’t gotten a real update for more one and a half years, and it will probably feature a bigger fix than the recent ones, but it too will be broken.

[stextbox id=”grey”]3. PS2 BC for all PS3s finally, but only trough PSN[/stextbox]

Yea but i still like to play my old Ratchet and clank games without craching all the time

[stextbox id=”grey”]2. Exclusive Rabbids game for ps3[/stextbox]

Could happen, would be great.

[stextbox id=”grey”]1. MGS5 announced[/stextbox]


Gaming unlikely but possible

[stextbox id=”grey”]5. Some Ps4 hardware details revealed and hyped along with a few game “demos”[/stextbox]

Current projections see the console release at 2013, that means console reveal at 2012 and initial hints this year, but that time frame is definitely in flux, will they do it the same way as last time or have a surprise announcement Steve jobs style. Also is it 2013 assuming a 7 year cycle, some reports say 10 year cycle and some say it might be earlier.

[stextbox id=”grey”]4. One being from bungie[/stextbox]

According to rumors they are working on a game for the next gen, hopefully we can see some of it.

[stextbox id=”grey”]3. An apple game console, expensive and download only, possibly trough apple TV and an imac[/stextbox]

Could happen, if only Steve though games was for people, but he is sick now so why not, a hacker could probably cobble something together in a weekend.

[stextbox id=”grey”]2. Hardcore miamoto game coinciding with the new Nintendo console[/stextbox]

Somewhere deep inside something has to exist in that mans mind to do something darker, i for one cant imagine someone living with nothing but Hello kitty approved thoughts, it doesn’t have to be that dark and violent, just a little bit more mature.

[stextbox id=”grey”]1. Minecraft wins big at the VGA.[/stextbox]

If it gets out of beta that is.

Part two next friday.

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