Working in the quiet

I’m all vented and have nothing to write, and i have a good reason for it, but that’s a secret project i have and I’ll tell you about it when i am nearly finished.

But i do have a few things to vent about, I finally got out of the ping pong game over at AMS and i am finally getting some money, unfortunately I’m still unemployed and that just sucks.
And as a part of being unemployed i have as an side effect way to much free time on my hands.
So I’m spending it on several projects i have, one of them is the secret project i mentioned on the top, i won’t mention them, but the other ones are.

Been working on better technology for my Coldfire Engine.
Been working on a better exporter for Coldfire, got stuck like you never believe it.
Worked on a top down space shooter called f-wing
Played solitaire, bejeweled 2, and a lot of it.
Worked on an idea for a new bejeweled style game, it might still make it.
Been working on a heavy space carrier model for f-wing with normal maps and everything.
Been working towards making a demo with Coldfire, but I’m not there yet.
Been lifting weights, getting results to.
Started typing up some semi advanced openGL tutorials based on the NeHe series, when i get to a couple of them i will post them.

On to the next subject, anime.
Believe it or not but the spring season is here and there is some fine anime coming out of of the land of cat torture and karaoke bars, like Kyou no Go no Ni, Himawari and last but not least Disgaea which is always a sure bet.
There is a lot more coming, new episodes are coming in faster than i can watch them, currently i got 43 episodes in my unseen folder and i just saw a few more new series on baka updates, when will it end, never i hope.

E3 is approaching and it does look like the console war is going from cold to hot this year, the PS3 is going to be (hopefully) released this November and still nothing from Sony, in fact most of the press the PS3 has gotten is all a part of the wake behind last years press conference, and sony said nothing since then (beside the approximate release date).
So what is going to happen with the PS3 from now to it’s release.
At E3 they are gonna spare nothing and tell it all, sort of, lot’s of video footage, maybe even some in game and it could even be playable at E3, though it will probably be one of the fake ones like the X360 last year.
Lot’s of games will be announced, last years E3 has like 15-20 games in the show reel, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the game count would top 100 this time.
Even so, more will be announced this summer.
Sony will start airing ads sometime during this fall, this campaign will reach it’s climax around Christmas (earlier in japan), and at the same time the release games will be announced, they will be a part of Sony’s campaign.
Finally, one week before release in the respective regions Sony will air adds that will be unprecedented in length, they will rock your mind and you won’t be able to ignore them.
It’s all a part of making sure to steal the thunder from X360, but don’t worry Sony, you managed to do that at last years E3.

I’m waiting Sony, blow my mind.

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