HTML 6 wishlist

Now i know that by the looks of it we will never have HTML 6, but humor me a bit on that one point, now i have done my fair share of websites and HTML coding both professionally and otherwise and there are definitely limitations and annoyances with html and im sure that after about 2 minutes of googling you might find 200 pages saying the same thing.
But these here in this list is definitely some that i think needs adding.

Html variables – Sure javascript has variables but javascript is another language that exists in between html tags, no what i am suggesting is a simple way of changing many things at the same time, i know it can be solved using other methods, like css or javascript, but im looking for a more unified approach, especially if you couple it with simple arithmetics, it would provide a simple but effective glue to javascript, or any other scripting language for that matter.

Float : down – This is something i constantly find myself trying to solve on every other site i make, and that is to make something stick to the bottom corner of a box, something more or less every web designer puts in their design, and i have to say no half the time, i like to say yes to that.
And basically what is does is to drop a object down low to it’s container lower edge

clear : up (or float up) – And this would be a simple way of basically resetting all the upcoming floats to start from the beginning, like if you where to move up a layer, it would allow you to do simple tasks like overlay images with text especially in combination with Float:down

Variable page layout – Probably the biggest change, it would allow you to use other form factors than the infinity scrolling page, the most common one would be page mode in where you can make multiple fixed size pages lay them out any way you wish and also link between them, pages could then be optimized for smart phones tablets, e readers and other non desktop (or laptop) systems, you could even write books or integrate pdf files into it seamlessly and it will still work great. Another thing it fixes is wide screen monitors, most most blogs and such i usually get more whitespace than page, it would be great if for once i could have two pages side by side belonging to the same site.
Naturally it wouldn’t work for all sites, but i like to have it as an option.

Position anchor – this would allow you to link objects with each other and either make them act as one or align them on any axis, pretty simple but it would solve a lot of problems on sime sites.

Hints – (priority:1 cashe:yes) and so forth will allow you to influence how objects are managed within the browser

More event triggers, like visit link or hibernation wakeup(triggered the first time a user looks at a previously loaded page after the computer wakes up), also online/offline mode

Propper realtime input support , for java script that is, especially stuff like gamepads, webcams, wagglesticks and other input systems

Editable text – Currently if you want to edit some text on a web page you have to use a text box, which is neat and all but it does mean you have to use a text box and can’t really make anything fancy with it, my suggestion is to add a css value, called text-edit=true; that would enable you to place a blinking cursor anywhere you now can select text, it would also generate an event trigger for anything you do to it like selecting, typing, clicking, select dragging and so on, after that you can use javascript to query what exactly was done and then insert the changes into the text, i don’t know exactly how it would work, but as a CMS guy i can see huge potentials with this.

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