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It’s been a while since i did one of these, but i really like you to get up to date on a few of these things so first things first, it’s been like six months since my surgery and im doing great, i have already lost like 40Kg (88Lbs) and can really start moving around a lot more, i mean when your at 197Kg (434Lbs) just sitting down is hard not to mention standing up or walking and now i walk like 3-4Km a day, so thats good.

Next we have is the website, it’s like the next thing on my to do list, it won’t be anything big though, probably just a new header, title and other framing, probably the biggest difference is that i will probably remove all the ads on the site because it’s really not generating anything, though if some big company (lets say a gpu manufacturer that has a lot of green in their marketing) would like to sponsor something then im all for working something out.
Now i will probably replace that with a paypal donate button, I’m not expecting to get rich, but it would be nice to at least cover the cost of running this site to some extent and if possible get a new gpu (which i will need if I’m to do any tessellation, viewport array or other advanced tutorials), also it’s sort of an trial run for if i where to do a few games and self publish, i havn’t really fleshed anything out in regards to that, but it’s safe to say im working on it.
After this when it comes to web related stuff i will probably have another whack at, there is a lot of stuff i want to do with it, so much so that  it’s not like i can just shoehorn wordpress into it so everything will probably have  custom code all throughout it, i think it might be a better fit for me since i am so much more than just about games and computer graphics (though naturally there will be a lot of that).

E3, yea im doing the usual E3 stuff again, i have already written it, but i will probably have to rewrite large parts of it though so it won’t be out for another week or so, it’s really hard this year since
1. we pretty much know what Nintendo is doing, but it changes what Microsoft and Sony is doing
2. The PSN downtime has sort of dominated the recent news flow, which changes everything
3. Microsoft is acting strange, either nothing is happening or everything is as they have only one announced core game we know of, and it was supposed to come last month
So yea it’s gonna be crazy, that’s for sure.

So on to tutorials, i made the geometry shader ones and looking at all the tracking data they still seems to be trending pretty good (right after FBO, shadows the main site and VAO), judging from that data the next ones will be about FBOs again since that seems to be the thing people are interested in, this time though i think im gonna kick it up a notch and finally do deferred shading.
But what comes after that is hard to say (some feedback is appreciated), i did write like a plan for a 20 something tutorial series on a wide range of subjects, but lately i have been thinking that it’s probably easier to split it up on like two paths, one graphics like before and one more game related, you know scenegraphs, physics and stuff.
And  most of this is because i would like to develop that technology for myself, it kinda sounds like fun.

But before i start that there will be two things i need to do, first a new more modern base code (that runs in MSVC++ 2008) and secondly a toolkit containing all the stuff i made trough the years, you know the basic stuff like texture loading, the matrix transformation stuff from “Running OpenGL3.0 – part3 “,  code for taking screen shots (it now has tga compression, both lossless and lossy), shader loading and management, OBJ file loading, and much much more, it should help cleaning up some of the tutorials.

All of the above pretty much leads only one way, i like (read need) to start making some games since it has been way to long since i did the last ones (and most of those couldn’t even be released), i have some ideas, and by some i mean a shitload of them, so all i have to do now is to sit down, draw some concept art, make some geometry, figure out how the hell i am going to add animations in the mix(which is probably my biggest problem) and just start coding.

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