E3 2011 – Microsoft predictions

So E3 is just a few weeks from now so it’s about time to give my opinion on what i think each major console manufacturer are planning for the show, now this year isn’t easy for get a grip on what is going to happen given the announcement of the wii successor and the whole PSN thing, i wouldn’t be surprised if some of that spilled over to the other press conferences.
First out is Microsoft on June 6:th at 9:00 am PST (i find it easier to just set up another clock with Los Angeles time and go by that than trying to convert it to my timezone).

As Microsoft doesn’t really have a strong first party game studio network they will be limited to third party games, which is what they will show, really the only games that are not kinect or multi platform is gears and halo, so expect a strong showing from them, other titles rumored are forza 4, kingdoms, PGR 5, Halo: ReEvolved, among multi platform games i expect titles like call of duty and saints row 3.
Really Microsoft really needs to step up their first party AAA game

Now Microsoft is primarily a software company and they do like to upgrade their console software, so expect some of that, they really want to make the xbox an always on system trough where you do everything. now they already have facebook and video store and all that, im thinking live tv streaming, more kinect integration, social features and stuff like that.
So i do agree with pachter that their main pus will be some kind of media stuff and not games, this is fitting because microsoft considers the 360 to be a trojan horse to get control over what ever is shown on the tv, i mean it’s a great business opportunity to be able to make money of everything that people watch or do on the tv, and i think that microsoft considers gaming to just be an excuse to make people buy the thing.

This is really where i think they will focus most of their attention, so expect a slew a games, cute kid actors and rare embarrassing themselves.
Now i don’t get kinect, well actually i do, but what i don’t get is why they are focusing on it this hard, i mean it’s supposed to be a trojan horse to get people and developers expand the scope of what you can do with camera technology, what its really about is having people do all he research and dev work for this new technology, and frankly it’s working.
But why then focus so much on kiddie games, the xbox was always the hip gansta console, the hardcore choice, and also the foulmouthed 12 year olds choice. but it’s never been a child friendly thing.
So maybe they are reworking their brand, which is stupid since the hardcore crowd is the true core of xbox so they should come first and the rest have wait their turn, ignoring the base is downright dangerous business wise, that is unless your working on something new.

Next xbox
Rumors has it that Microsoft might be showing the next xbox this E3, now i might have pegged it for next year but if they have been working on something new then their kinect strategy and anemic games strategy makes a little bit more sense and that is to make the 360 the family choice and the next xbox the hardcore choice,
But then again i think not for a few reasons
1. they just released the slim variant
2. there has been no rumors and no leaks other than the fact it’s supposedly in the works
So either they are masters of keeping a secret or it’s just not ready for prime time, though one thing they could do is just tease it and not show actual hardware and this would then mostly just be in response to nintendos next console.

Now given all of the above we can sort of predict what the new console be
1. it will be fast, really fast, like a high end PC, though probably not as fast as the PS4
2. Huge HDD to store games and movies and other media on, it will also be connected to a cloud service for extra storage
3. probably the design will be sort of unobtrusive, at least nothing sticking out as a sore thumb.
4. It will have an always on feature, and several powermodes as it doesn’t need all that power for just watching netflix.
5. It will have blu-ray, some games are already hurting because the 360 dont have this.
6. Kinect is probably a core feature
7. might have a digital tv addon like the playstation has, but will use filtering to prevent recording shows that exist or soon will exist on the market place.

Do i think it will be released soon, no, but that doesn’t mean it wont get teased and it’s just the kind of thing to bring out at the end to round off the show, because otherwise nintendo is going to steal all the thunder.

As always you can probably catch the live stream on gametrailers.com

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