E3 2011 – Sony predictions

Sony is in a weird position right now, they have a strong lineup of really great games, a new super powerful handheld console and they got things happening all over the place, in terms of market support they should be dominating, but between the 3DS, kinect and the new wii console i feel they been left out of the discussion a bit, and they only thing that has been up for discussion is the PSN, and that wasn’t exactly good for them.
Can they make up for this or are their only chance to win the E3 in the public eye to rool out the PS4, who knows but i guess we will see this June 6:th at 5:00pm PST (feels like a late night for me).

It has long been projected that sony will have the greatest press conference of the big 3, at least in terms of pure volume of first party titles.
And that’s judging only from whats been released, there are however a lot of unannounced games in the works, in fact so many that a lot of them have been or will be announced before E3, like starhawk, but then again there are a lot of them left.
Sony’s santamonica studios are rumored to be working on two new titles and these are the guys who made the god of war series, no doupt that they might continue on that path.
On top of that they are also re-mastering old psp games to run on the ps3 which is a great idea, now if only they could fix the backwards compatibility for ps2 games and they would have a pretty solid library of games.

other games to look out for is
A new jak & Daxter game
Agent (finally)
MGS series HD remake
Heavenly sword 2
And bungies new game

Well that’s according to the Internet rumor mill at least, i am a bit unsure about the bungie game though, it hasn’t been that long ago that they separated from Microsoft and what im hearing is that it’s a pretty huge game, like mmo huge and it might even be for the next generation of consoles, either way unless they announce the ps4 at the same time this game is also unlikely to be seen.

None of you could have avoided hearing about the PSN being down, it has since partially come on-line at the time of the writing (the store is still down), either way the rumor here is that it will not only be better and stronger than ever when it finally goes on-line, but also have new features like cross game chat and a revamped XMB in the next update at or just after E3.
And i just find that suspect, i mean there was talk about something like this last year, but it never materialized, in fact nothing ever materialized on the firmware side besides playstation plus, 3D support and a few fixes here and there.
Version 3 has been with us for almost two years in a few months, by that time the ps3 would have existed for 4,5 years so either they have been working on a larger overhaul or just sort of forgotten about it.
My money is on the former, and there is a pretty good reason for it namely the NGP, it’s getting an upgraded system (probably android based) and pretty much ditches the XMB for something that probably works a bit better for a portable touch screen device.
But one of the more interesting features is a more tightly integrated social aspect, something that probably falls in the PSN domain, which is why they are currently updating it, my bet is that they where planning on launching it at E3 but due to the recent hacks they are now rushing out at least parts of the new system.
So with the NGP getting the cool new psn features the PS3 is getting them too and more, a half time system overhaul would be just whats needed to keep it fresh enough for the ps4 when it comes in 3-4 years or so (i think the ps4 firmware will also update the ps3 later on, though perhaps not with all features).

Now regarding any price cuts for the ps3 there is about a 40% chance it will happen at E3 and 40% in like September.
Normally they wouldn’t cut prices at the beginning of the summer season but this year they could for 3 reasons
1. Nintendos new console, as it’s important to keep that increasingly irrelevant.
2. because Microsoft is likely to do so as well.
3. Sonly could use a PR/sales boost after the PSN debacle

We will finally see what the final name is (probably psp2) and what the price will be (probably $349), but that’s not the most interesting bit’s, the games are and the services surrounding it, we know it has something called live area whish is basically this fancy hub for everything related to a specific game, and to be brutally honest it really looks like they want us to purchase more stuff since the PS store is basically everywhere.
Not that i mind because if i ever make something that gets on the NGP (which is not totally out of the picture) i would like you guys to buy new stuff all the time for the game.
The NGP is a pretty big launch, it’s the first new hardware (im not counting upgraded SKUs) Sony has had besides the move in years, and that earns it a pretty big time slot at E3.

On the other hand does a swift death with few announcements, it will be there but it won’t steal any thunder.
PsP phone on the other hand will get at least some mention, but again NGP will steal all the thunder.

Yea move will be there, but much less so than last year, they will announce a few move titles and announce move support for a few first party titles and maybe a big third party title.

No ps4 for a while says Sony and the rumors, but im starting to suspect that those came from the same source, time wise it would be about time for a tech demo this year but probably not given recent marketing strategy, on the other hand nipping the Wii2 in the bud early could help reduce it’s impact as nothing would please Sony more than making Nintendo have two “failed” launches in a row and create another gamecube era for a while.
Last time they did demo stuff like the LoD (lots of ducks) demo the same year as the PSP was released and frankly i could just about keep my jaw attached that time and im pretty sure they will at least loosen it up next time.

Either way we can project a few things about it just like the next xbox in my previous post.

1. Feature wise it will not be that different for the PS3, pretty much same connectors, ports and drives.
2. It will still have a blu-ray player, but it will probably be capable of more that two layers.
3. Ram would probably be 4GB+4GB system and v-ram respectively in pretty much the ps3 configuration
4. CPU will be a cell chip, but with 4 ppu and 32 spu, like a ps3 times 4
5. GPU is most probably based on Nvidias next chip, possibly named RSX2
6. Will ship with a dual shock 4 and probably a new PS eye
7. Will probably ditch the XMB
8. Comes with a focus on social interactions, which may or may not mean special buttons on the DS4
9. Will most likely cost less than the ps3 did, at least to make, Sony will not ship until they can make a profit
10. Will be faster than the next xbox

The rumors may differ on these features but i think they are sound, i think that sony liked what they did with the PS3 but again realizes the mistake of providing such a high threshold for developers, so they will probably keep is as similar to the PS3 as they can while squeezing out as much performance out of modern technology as they can.
They will also try to make sure they are not creating any bottlenecks as im pretty sure they found during the lifespan of the PS3, stuff like ram, data streaming, texturing and anti-aliasing will all be improved upon.
I can’t wait to get my hands on one, but again this year i would say it’s at about a 30% probability of it making an appearance, it should, but it doesn’t mean it will.

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