E3 2011 – Nintendo predictions

Nintendo has a lot of exiting things going on this year with the 3ds, wii2 and their game lineup, but i suspect that all is not well inside the company, they continue to have small dev teams, huge delays and frankly lackluster titles and that does not bode well when they are making the transition into the HD world, they have to make some pretty major internal changes and it better show in the press conference that they have this June 7:th at 9:00am PST (check you local timezones and watch it on gametrailers.com)

The 3ds has so far been a huge success, no wait scratch that, it’s success has been iffy at best.
Who would have thought that a tiny expensive little screen that gives you a headache and could potentially make you blind would hurt it’s sales, not to mention the rather anemic list of games with none of them being that particularly good.
But seriously the hand held market has gotten a lot of competition from the smart phone camp, sure my SGS is a bit more expensive than a 3DS, but then again i can get all my games for free or pay a tiny amount for them, also i can make calls check my twitter, take pretty decent photos, surf the web, tune my guitar (if i had one), play music, find out where i am, and so on, so the value is much greater, the only thing it doesn’t have is Nintendo games, officially that is, and frankly that’s the only reason you would ever get Nintendo stuff.
But Nintendo is basically betting the farm on it and the next wii so expect them to go whole hog 3ds for about a third of the show with lot’s of titles coming for it, they will probably fail for the most part, but they get bonus points for trying.

Expect the usual suspects, new Mario, update on Zelda: skyward sword (along with 3DS ports of the older ones) and roll in the next IP of theirs which hasn’t been made in a while like maybe pikmin or metroid(for some reason Nintendo always has a metroid game in the works), Reggie is going to showcase like 5 titles that will “define this generation”, “challenge the impossible”, “continuing to innovate” or some kind of bullshit like that, expect them to be the top of the line and basically the only ones you will ever get for the wii.
But besides from a few games there will be little new things for the wii, not even the wii vitality sensor.

Wii2/wiiHD/Wiiii/project café
Now what we will get a big reveal is Nintendos next console, it will probably not have the name wii in any form as Nintendo has never really been keen on name continuity.
It’s rumored to have similar hardware to the 360, but as 5 years have passed you can now make that for cheap in a small container and still be faster (graphics hardware get a whole order of magnitude faster every 4 years or so).
Now that’s good and all that since every third party game will now be released on this system as well, but it also means that in two years or so it will be horribly outdated, because it’s not that much faster meaning that they are still 5 years behind the curve, in fact i don’t expect it to even rival the PS3 in quality because of two reasons.
1. it takes a minimum of two game generations to figure out the console
2. You can pretty much bet that there is some weird bottleneck in there since Nintendo is great at doing cheap innovative hardware, but not good hardware, seriously, just a few small tweaks to the wii would have made it so much better.
This being Nintendo we are talking about i still remain really sceptical on how it will preform.

However coming this late in the game does mean that you do need a really good USP (unique selling proposition), the wii had the waggle stick, and it’s not inconceivable that this will too, but so does Sony so something else is needed.
experts point to the controller that could have a built in screen, but i have my doubts, i think it will be another gamecube for them, and that went well.
As for games im thinking Zelda:skyward sword, a wii sports type of game and a new Mario, like super Mario galaxy was for the wii and sunshine was for the gamecube and so on, those games really defined their respective consoles and i think we will see a new game that will borrow a lot from galaxy but will still have a uniqueness to it, but now in glorious HD
In conclusion i am really interested in this new console, what new twists they will introduce, but most importantly how they will deal with the on-line community and how interconnected it will be, since the wii wasn’t.
will i get it, yea if i have the money, but then again im like that, if it’s new then i want it.

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