Lol microsoft

Just saw this on slashdot “Microsoft Invents A ‘Play-Once Only’ DVD”.
Apparently Microsoft has in a stroke of genius invented a dvd that can only be played once, OMG i say, totally cool i say….. NOT!

1. it has been done at least 2 times before. the first one was called DIVX, and the other one was made from a polymer that destroyed the disks after a week or so.

One play = one read
One read = one rip
One rip = play forever

3. if you play it and power goes out after like 5 min then your not gonna get to watch the movie

4. the darn thing needs special hardware

This thing won’t work, it never has and never will, and just the laughable notion that microsoft thinks this will help stop piracy, HA!
If you can watch it, it can be copied.
If you can hear it, it can be copied.
If you can read it, it can be copied.
So the only ones that will benefit from this product is… no, wait, no one will.
Microsoft spent lot’s and lot’s of millions on this stuff, and they will probably never get that back.
Hollywood will not get much money since no one will ever use it, they will just spend money on a bunch of discs no one will buy.
The pirates will ignore this, there are always other ways of getting the data, and remember “One play = play forever”.
The customers will need to get a new dvd player that is crippled beyond recognition + they need to buy a new disk for every time they watch it witch means that after like 5 views it’s starting to get more expensive than regular DVD’s and finally all those problems related to the one play nature of the disc, there will be crying kids (will someone think of the children).

No this technology is going the same way as the food you eat, right down the crapper (alternatively in the garbage bin or down the porcelain bus depending on how well it tastes).
This however does not scare Microsoft, the new DVD players will start arriving early next year and you can bet that Microsoft has strongarmed/bribed all manufacturers to support this format, shame and here i was hoping that the new generation of DVD players would start supporting ogg, ogm, matroska and png files.

So here is a small advice to Microsoft, before you start spending money on things like this, clear it with someone like me first, you might save a couple of millions here and there.

LOL indeed.

Edit: It appears that the original article was a fake, and Microsoft does not have any play once DVDs, but it doesn’t matter really, one play or limited play DVDs are still a bad idea, they will never work and never has.
And what i don’t understand is why they are so rabidly interested in protecting something that is unprotectable by nature, the only way to protect it from being pirated is to never make it in the first place.

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