E3 2011 scorecard

E3 is uppon us so here is all that stuff along with the scorecards and other stuff.


As expected not much for the hardcore crowd but they did have two halo games Halo:anniversary (nov 15 2011) which is a remake of halo combat evolved and Halo 4 (holiday 2012) which is the start of a new trilogy.
Other games are forza 4,
Fable: the journey,which is basically a kinect only game
Ryse, previously called codename kingdoms and is a on rails hack and slash.
Minecraft, why it’s xbox exclusive i don’t know.

Although they showed some hardcore functionality for kinect it was pretty much a  childens conference, as expected.
4 Ea sports titles gets kinect support
so does mass effect 3 and ghost recon, the mass effect system looks nice and i think basically everyone will copy it henceforth.
Disneyland adventures, it’s pretty much what it sounds like, and they had kid actors to boot.
Starwars kinect, again it’s more or less an on rails slasher like ryse.
Sesame street: once upon a monster, they also had kid actors.
Kinect fun labs, basically a collection of coll little demos of what kinect can do, it so fits in my narrative  in where kinect is a trojan horse for Microsoft research.
Dance central 2, no with twice as much dance central.

Xbox live
They showed a new dashboard that is kinect optimized, they are also bringing youtube and bing to the console as well as live tv streaming.

that’s it, nothing else, no surprises except for maybe halo 4, but we where sort of expecting that already



PS3 Games
Althoughthey do have some great games coming like uncharted 3, starhawk and so on this year was a bit anemic in terms or new reveals, in fact almost all of these have been hinted on before except the startrek one frankly im a little bit disappointed.
God of war portable games, ico and shadow of the colossus is getting ported over to the PS3
Dust514 which is in the same universe and on the same servers as eve online is exclusive to the PS3
Sly cooper: thieves in time was announced
A start trek game based on the the new rebooted star trek universe is coming.

A lot of games are getting move support like NBA 2K12 but as for new titles that wasn’t announced before we only have Medieval moves, and that’s about it, one surprise was that bioshock infinite is getting move support.
Also sorcery was nowhere to be seen.

Or should i say PS VITA, yea it’s a bit much but hey it’s their product it’s coming this holiday season for $249 for the wifi only and $299 for the wifi/3g version.
Nothing new in terms of features but it does have some great games.
Uncharted: golden abyss, which looks just like the first game.
Ruin, which plays like diablo a bit, one nice feature i has is that you can play it both on the Vita and the PS3 using the same saves since it’s on the cloud.
New mod nation racers, it’s a new game, but it does have backwards compatibility for old tracks.
Little big planet is coming for the vita.
So is Street fighter x Tekken, as a special cameo they have Cole from infamous.

Nothing, no firmware, no features, not bundels, no price drop, though no bundles could mean a new SKU is coming soon with a price drop.
The only thing is that they have new partners when it comes to the video and music services, which is a moot point since the video service isn’t even online in most parts of the world (ie Sweden), Sony you could start doing that.

A PS branded 24″ 3D monitor that supports a unique 2 player mode that comes for $499 though it’s a bit much, i can get a 30″ model for about as much money if not less. and a 24″3d monitor for way less
Ps branded 3D glasses that costs $69



Nintendo had a few games for the 3DS, though way less than i expected, they had
Mario kart
Star Fox 64 3D
Super Mario
Kid icarus: uprising
Luigis mansion 2

Nope just  a little Skyward sword

It’s called Wii U, perhaps not the best name ever, the controller on the other hand is pretty exiting, it has a big screen and has accelerometers, gyros, cameras, touch and will work with all the older controllers.
Now it’s unclear how all the hardware work like if it’s streamed to the controller, rendered both on the controller and possibly another device (that contains the disk drive).
An interesting thing to see is if sony is going to copy this concept with PS VITA since it’s not impossible to do.
There where also no Nintendo games revealed for it, but it’s obviously backwards compatible to wii games (though it wasn’t announced, but seeing as all the controllers are it should be).
Third part games where announced though, and we are talking about games like
Batman: Arkham City
Assassins creed: revelations
Darksiders 2
Aliens: colonial marines
Ghost recon online
Metro last light
Ninja gaiden 3

there where also the announcement that smash bros is an upcoming WiiU project that will work with the 3DS as well.


Things i liked outside the big 3

Insomniacs new ip Overstrike
Ubisofts Rocksmith

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