To do list: summer 2011

So just a few things i want to get out here as to what i will be doing this summer in roughly the order i am going to do them, except the first as that  one i am working in paralell with everything else.

Finish and launch
Turns out i could shoehorn it into wordpress, it’s pretty much done as im using  pretty much the default theme, though it still needs some polishing and modification.
Also i need to seed it with a few posts before launch, the site itself will have news (essentially anything i come across on the net that i find interesting, like endgadget, slahdot and so on), projects regarding the different things i do, articles about my different interest (could be anything really), some reviews of stuff (and if i don’t have it it will be more of an opinion piece on it), though it won’t be your standard review, and videos from youtube and such, much like videosift, but only the good stuff, filtered through the best filter imaginable, me, additionally there will be other stuff as well, but i will start with this.
Now although i am going to start writing just by myself, i am open to people contributing or suggesting content, just contact me if you have any suggestions right now.

Assemble the new toolkit and base code
This is something i need as well, it will be in several parts
Part 1. is called GLZ which is basically a bunch of GL like functions, like the matrix functions and so on (including other tools i have made elsewhere), but also stuff like text, full screen quads some sprite and atlas map management for OpenGL 3.0+ and some neat stuff to make life easier.
Part 2. geometry, contains .OBJ loading code for starters, probably also .VAO later on (which is my own format for quick and easy loading and rendering, it’s raw for geometry), also various tools for building VBOs and VAOs, including basic primitives.
Part 3. shaders, it’s essentially a simple shader management class
Part 4. Textures, contains a texture loading class, but also the screen shot class, possibly also a class to make FBO creation easier, for now it’s only .TGA, but i do want to extend it to openEXR so it’s easier to load and save RGBA32F images.
Obviously this is just the first version, more is still to come though I am not sure if im ever going to include more advanced stuff like object management, a scenegraph or physics, i could but it sounds like something you should do yourself.

Make a game
Yea i have decided on a game i like to make, i have made a lot of game designs for me to use for a summer project like this, and they range from puzzle games to 2D plat formers, RTS games to FPS games though most of them where ultimately discarded (for now, i still want to make those games later) because of a few reasons i set up earlier.
1. It needs to be simple as i am but one person.
2. It needs to be in 3D as i am most used to it, i can do 2D but as i am not that good at drawing that would take a long time.
3. No animations, well no skeletal animation that is, seriously it’s a really big hassle to code on that top of the scenegraph, games and physics code i need to to, so that’s for another time.
4. It has to require simple physics, seriously if i can make it story based or anything like that the physics and feel of the game really hast to take it the whole way.
5. It should be multiplayerizable (this should be a real word BTW), the plan is to to add multiplayer, but if i wanted to it should be an easy task, well easier, it should be a part of the game design is what im saying.
6. It should serve in the future as a code base for other games like platformers, RTS games or whatever, so no painting oneself in a corner.

So the game i choose to do is a small top down racing game, very much like the game “Death rally”, it will most probably have the car combat but also some new stuff i really don’t want to talk about (mainly because it needs to be tested first as it’s still only theoretical).
Additionally i might be posting youtube videos of the games progress which may include how i go about solving the problems related to making the game.

Make the next tutorial
It will definitely be deferred rendering, it is something i like to add into the game so when that has been properly dealt with i will make those tutorials, possibly also some bonus tutorials about the scenegraph if i have the time.

So expect more soon.

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