2011 the year of stuff

Wow it’s already 2012, what a year it has been, i mean just take a look at the impressive things that happened, bin laden, gadaffi and kim jong ill dead, the Iraq war ended, the arab spring, the occupy movement, portal 2, me loosing over 60 kilos and so on and so forth, it’s been an endless stream of good things.

Yet there has also been a lot of bad thing, like most of what’s being done in the us on the republican side, to me pure evil is when you punish an entire world just to get one guy (that you don’t like for no good reason) to loose his reelection and i see it every day in the news.
Also we lost  such dignitaries like Steve Jobs and Christopher Hitchens, i a perfect world all the people i admire would suddenly turn immortal, because Hitchens certainly deserves it, i just hope that they find a material hard enough for his statue, so that it won’t seem too soft in comparison to the real deal.

In news regarding stuff more closely related to the theme of this site namely gaming, it seems like the entire community is gearing up for another console cycle with story lines wrapping up, big studios doing smaller games, testing out new IPs and such, some studios are AWOL and rumors that the some big IP’s are getting refreshed gameplay, also team ICO is getting ready to release The last Guardian, which is a type of game they typically do in the end of a cycle to prove that they have really mastered the system.
Next year has a really high likelyhood of seeing both the PS4 and the next xbox, maybe not in their final forms, but it will be something and it will be official.

Well anyway, more about that in the next post but for now lets check in and see how lasy years predictions went.

(Sorry about the messy wall of boxes, i have to change the format until the next time i write this)

Games Likely
[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]10. Duke is finally here[/stextbox] hail to the king, though execution was poor.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]9. Rare looses more of it’s dignity with yet another kinect game[/stextbox]It’s like they don’t care anymore

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]8. Big PS Move holiday push[/stextbox] no, i guess theyforgot about it.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]7. Microsoft pushes kinect to hard, forgets the hardcore gamers this year[/stextbox] basically only halo 4 was announced and gears 3 released.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ffff00″]6. PSP mediabliz blowout at E3[/stextbox] im not going to call it a blowout, but it was there.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]5. New valve game, possibly HL2 episode 3, but probably just another left 4 dead[/stextbox] looks like next e3 instead.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]4. New big sony IP on the way[/stextbox] Last of us, looks great.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]3. Next tombraider will actually be pretty good, a clone of uncharted, but good[/stextbox] Indeed it does.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]2. GTA V at E3[/stextbox] nope that reveal came later during the year.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ffff00″]1. Ps3 pricedrop to $199[/stextbox] No but to $249


Gaming maybe

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]5. Wii sucessor anounced[/stextbox] yes, not to exiting though

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]4. Big PS3 firmware update, unhackable, for now[/stextbox] it’s been a bit anemic in this area lately

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ffff00″]3. PS2 BC for all PS3s finally, but only trough PSN[/stextbox]Sort of, but only some remastered titles, and we have to buy them again.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]2. Exclusive Rabbids game for ps3[/stextbox]no rabbids this year

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]1. MGS5 announced[/stextbox] But metal gear rising was reanounced as metal gear rising: revengence


Gaming unlikely but possible

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]5. Some Ps4 hardware details revealed and hyped along with a few game “demos”[/stextbox] next year though, i hope.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]4. One being from bungie[/stextbox]Bungie didn’t announce stuff this year

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]3. An apple game console, expensive and download only, possibly trough apple TV and an imac[/stextbox] Cause stevie don’t like games

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]2. Hardcore miamoto game coinciding with the new Nintendo console[/stextbox] no instead he is stepping down to make even more casual games.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]1. Minecraft wins big at the VGA.[/stextbox]well, best independent game anyway.


Next up is part two which is the general tech area


[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]10. Firefox 4 will blow IE, chrome and opera out of the water[/stextbox] i think so, its definitely the most useful, so is # 5,6,7,8 and 9, it’s been a crazy year for FF

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]9. Iphone 5 will not be a huge improvement compared to similar android devices[/stextbox] in fact it was so underwhelming they called it the iPhone 4s, galaxy still rules.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]8. Great movie year for people like me[/stextbox] yes, yes and yes

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]7. The Internet will run out of space, soon[/stextbox] though it’s not an immediate crisis as there are IP adresses to go around for another year.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]6. More leaders in high places will be overthrown than ever, using the net[/stextbox] The arab spring is now officially a word in the swedish language (at least written in swedish it is).

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]5. First big screen devices using AMOLED, like monitors and smaller tvs[/stextbox]Im gonna say yes since the first one was announced a few days ago and will be showed at CES (CES is a much more natural divider of years than the actual date for this purpose which is why i write these just before and after CES)

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]4. Also tabs will use AMOLED, but not ipad2 or iphone5[/stextbox]Yes and they are great.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]3. More android stuff than you can shake an iphone at[/stextbox]yea it’s been everywhere, still mostly phones and tablets though.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]2. We will finally see what the new windows 8 OS can do[/stextbox] yea at least some of it, not sure what to make of it though as it’s a more tablet inspired design and it’s yet to show what it does in the regular desktop environment

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]1. Nikon D4 announced, brings awesome[/stextbox] it’s been delayed a few times, probably due to the flooding in Thailand.


Tech Maybe

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]5. Home automation is getting some light[/stextbox] yes google showed something really interesting with android but it had yet to materialize into any real products (CES might bring news on that)

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]4. A slew of hybrid cars starts selling[/stextbox] Yes but under the radar, mostly it’s been about fully electric cars.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]3. HDR cameras start coming out of the woodwork[/stextbox] Not so much as i think 3D has taken prescience this year, the D4 might still brring the goods though.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]2. Microsoft announce an appstore for windows[/stextbox] well there will be one for win8

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]1. Google tv fails, moves to android instead[/stextbox] Yes it’s on android now, expect to se a lot of this at CES


Unlikely but possible

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]5. Apple is forced to open up their iphone/ipad app developer SDK a bit[/stextbox] As if.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]4. Nikon D4 will have a revolutionary new sensor and no mirror[/stextbox]It will basically be a D3 with better specs.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”55ff00″]3. Big cheap AMOLED tv line announced[/stextbox]Yes by LG and it’s 55″ and relatively cheap.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]2. Someone will make an amazing device with android previously not thought of[/stextbox]Probably though i have never heard of it, though google did release something that will make it easier.

[stextbox id=”grey” bgcolor=”ff5500″]1. Apple announces home automation hardware[/stextbox] no, just updated variations of their old stuff


Wow that was a bit of an eye full to read, never doing it like that again so expect the predictions of 2012 to be a bit more ranty and fewer actual items.

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