What the ps4 needs to get ahead of the xbox 720

So there is a better than 0% chance that we will see the new ps4 announced at this years E3, but heres the thing, the next console cycle is Sony’s to loose, so what will it take for it to get ahead of the next xbox in no particular order.

Better services – cloud saves for all
The next psn or the sen as it’s now called does need some definite enhancements, today it’s basically just an in box webshop with some minor communication tools.
However to beat the 720 you definitely need more, like cloud saves that you now can get if you have playstation plus.
When it comes to the store there should be a no borders policy, if it’s on the psn you can get it from everywhere, be it videos, games, DLC or other things.  As it is now i can’t buy movies here in Sweden, it doesn’t even show the video tab in the store.
I would also like an actual physical goods store, that would be nice.

Better community/communication tools
One of the big things on the wish list for the ps3 has been the cross game chat, sony says it can’t be done because of memory limitations (personally i think that excuse is weak-sauce), so to compensate for this each ps4 should come with a official headset, but in addition also two dedicated buttons on the controller (above the start and select buttons) one is the answer call/social menu and the other is the hang up.

Answer call and hang up is pretty self explanatory but the social menu is somewhat more advanced, hit it once and you get a quick list of people to talk to in game you navigate with the d-pad (besides the d-pad you can still play the game) , just go down the list and press right and you get a context menu which the first choice is always “call”, hit right again to call or hit left to cancel or go back.
You also have similar menus for friends and so on all workable with the d-pad.

The ps4 also need more online community tools, like a facebook for playstation.
Backwards/forwards compatibility
One of the more annoying things about the PS3 is the backwards comparability, i have the original European 60GB ps3, it has the slightly wonky PS2 BC in that the cpu is badly emulated on the cell chip, seriously most games work most of the time except for some gliched here and there, unfortunately a few of the games have gliches that makes the game unplayable, so at the moment my ps2 library is mostly unplayable.

It’s even worse for those that has anything that came after my version, for them ps2 games doesn’t even work besides for a few remastered games, ps1 games work fine though.
And this has to stop because while the PS3 and ps2 consoles where really different in terms of architecture, the ps4  vs the ps3 won’t be, besides it will take a while for sony to build up a decent library of good ps4 games so it would be a mistake to just disregard the ps3 library.

Which brings us to forward compatibility, that is to make ps3 games run better on the ps4 (higher resolution, better AA, more textures, heavier shading) and makes them compatible with community/communication tools.
I think it would add an extra incentive to get the ps3 version of a game instead of the xbox version if you knew that it will run better on the ps4

Better hardware – no skimping on ram
This one is a no brainer, the ps4 needs better hardware than the xbox, and not just marginally better, but in particular Ram because lack of ram is what made cross game chat unavailable, it is also the one thing you can trade for performance, that is more ram = better looking game.
This was made obvious by the recent discovery that of you upgrade your ps3 with an SSD instead of a regular drive then most of the graphical problems in the game Rage seemingly just magically disappear which leads me to think about another addition that could be useful.
Basically its a hardware ram drive, something that’s not really used on regular computers, but what it is is a bunch of higher density but slower and cheaper ram that is used as a sort of cache drive, combine it with a small SSD (possibly a replaceable 32GB XQD card) and you could pretty much remove any load times.

Android market/compatibility
I am pretty convinced that the next xbox might use a variant of windows 8 or windows mobile, and with it comes an appstore and a bunch of apps.
It would be great if the PS4 would have similar apps using android instead, it doesn’t even have to be that open and might even have to require games to be sold using sonys own marketplace, but that’s ok since at least it gives indie developers a way to release games for a console, and if you can get all those other apps for free then im all for it.
I even think they should integrate google tv with the PS4

Better advertising
If there is one thing sony really sucks at then it’s advertising, while the recent Kevin butler ads where pretty decent they did put out some really horrible ones like these

Ps3 baby
this is living

I’m not saying they are bad, well maybe i am, but more to the point, they don’t hit the target demographic the right way.
A good example is the gears of war ads, if sony want to replicate that im all for it.

Get out ahead of the xbox
ie. release before they do, even if it’s only by a few days.
If it’s about a year then you have enough of an headstart to last years.
If it’s by a few weeks or months you lock in users for your console as both of them are going to be so expensive that most won’t get both at the beginning.
If it’s by a few days then people are going to get inpatient and get the first ones available (which reminds me, have enough units in stock to last a while).

New UI
While the XMB is good it has outlived it’s usefulness and become to cluttered with stuff, minor suff has the same visibility as major stuff and it’s very clunky in the way it handles information, it really needs to be replaced as they have with vita, though i don’t really agree that the vita UI would work on the PS4.

Tons of first party content
The way you really win a console generation is to have the console you want to play games on, with the current one xbox has really owned the third party space due to it’s community features and sony has just about kept up by having lots of exclusive content, but if sony can fix the community aspect then the whole game shifts to the first party content side.

Make it cheap
Yea $599 is to expensive $399 would be great but with my luck and the usual euroscrew i will probably once again pay more than $1000 for my ps4 as i did with my PS3.

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