E3 2012 – Microsoft predictions

Early next month is E3 and lots of sites are starting to buzz about it and so am i.
This year has certainly been the most silent under the wraps year and that only means three things.
1. either they are hiding something big like i think Sony does.
2. they do like they always do and act in enigmatic ways, regardless of what they actually have, like i Nintendo always does.
3. or you don’t actually have something like microsoft does.

So yea big shocker i started with the conclusion so if you like you can now stop reading and just have another pack of rice crackers.
But for all others lets continue.

So as i was saying right before rudely interrupting you with a pack of rice crackers, microsoft is in a bit of a vaccum right now, it’s to far from the next xbox which i think will come in 2014  and that’s almost two years from now which is too far.
yea that’s right, Shocker #2 today, i agree with Michael Pachter positions (specifically those on the latest pre E3 bonus round) on pretty much all points except one which i will get to next part.
Similarly given an average dev cycle of 2-3 years for a game most of the launch titles are already ramping up their development, but it’s to early to talk about them which leaves titles comming out within the next year, but a lot of them since they are third party are already known.
First party wise there is basically only rare left and they are pumping out kinect titles and as for exclusives besides kinect there is only halo and forza left.

So yea there will be games like halo 4 just don’t expect a lot of non kinect ones.

As previously stated i also agree with pachter that there will be a lot of interface stuff presented as they are steadily marching ahead to conquer your living room in a shiny black trojan horse like the cheeky bastards they are.
There has been talk about a browser in the xbox, but again they are trying to control your experience so don’t expect total freedom, expect being able to browse their internet not our internet.
They will also announce improvements to the dashboard that a implausably perfect “couple” will demonstrate for you in a pretaped video shot in a dust free environment with way to much naturalish light and exactly 0% glare on the tv.
In reality you could probably just re watch the last two press conferences and you will get a good idea of what to expect.

In conclution #2, Meh, it will be Meh, not bad just Meh.
sure they will try to distract us with that big shiny surprise at the end, bur really microsoft your just trying to stall for next years E3.

So watch it live at 9:30 AM PST june 4:th at gametrailers (because seriously where else are you gonna go)

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