E3 2012 – sony predictions

Sony had a pretty bad pressconference last year, a wonky stage, few really great games and so on, this year i don’t think so, all signs points towards glory.

If Microsoft is going for the non game aspect of the xbox it’s almost safe to say that sony is going  the exact opposite way, with so many big titles as god of war: assencion and SSMB PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (or PASBR if you like) already revealed, one can always suspect theres more where that came from.

It’s almost a forgone conclusion that Infamous 3 will show up but seeing that the main character *spoiler* dies *spoiler* at the end (in the good ending at least) it’s difficult to see how they could square that circle without resorting to vampires and the undead, o, right they already did that, never mind.
Meanwhile naughty dog and insomniac are up for their next titles, sure they have last of us and overstrike respectively on the books so they could just skip to the next generation, but they could just show it anyway, but more on that later.
I also think that kojima could make an appearance and show of MGS5.
Anyway sony does have a lot of first party or exclusive games in the pipe so expect to see long segments of what Kevin Butler would call a Mon-tage.

There is also that super secret game Geoff Keighley is hinting about, could be an interesting surprise, who knows, these leaks have a tendency to not be super great.

I do expect to see a lot of vita stuff this year, lots of games an maybe a few services.
But i think the most interesting part is that they are going to start talking about how they will change and improve the PSN (i know it’s called SEN now, but i don’t care), and since it’s probably almost a forgone conclusion that al lot of the vita stuff will also transfer over to the PS4 just like it did with the PSP and PS3, this will be interesting indeed.

The rumor is that sony have struck a deal with a cloud gaming service like on-live or Gaikai, and to be honest as long as sony gets it’s cut this in not that unlikely, i could see a few clauses though to the service, like that you can only play games that have not been released on a playstation in some way.

Move is also getting attention, but i don’t think it will get more than a demo or two followed by a montage.

Finally the pricedrop to $199, now there is about a 40% chance that the pricedrop will come at e3, otherwise it will come in august or early september.
Im thinking the latter since they haven’t begun selling off the old stock for the new inevitable bundles.

So finally the big enchilada.
Sadly there will be no hardware or mentions of the word PS4, at the most you will hear the word next generation a few times.
But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any PS4 stuff shown (this is where i differ with pachter the most), think Killzone 2 trailer, the first one, the fake one, in fact pretty much all the games shown that first ps3 e3 was fake and didn’t really resemble the final products that much.
But i think there will be a few games dispersed throughout the presentation, and they will probably not make the mistake that they made with killzone, just think of it as a giant middle finger to the WiiU.
I still think (like pachter BTW) that the PS4 is coming Holiday season 2013, but they will probably debut the name at TGS (Tokyo game show, not “the girly show” from 30rock or my Thegeekstate.com, though that last one would be nice, call me sony), the hardware at GDC, and finally the whole package at next years E3.
So don’t worry, sony wants to be out before microsoft so you will have your hands on a brandspankingly new PS4 pretty soon.


So the pressconference is june 4 6:00 PM PST  (which is like 3AM in europe, why sony?), and as always catch it on gametrailers since they have all the bandwidth.

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