E3 2012 – Nintendo predictions

So nintendo has the biggest stake in this years E3 with the Wii U as it’s finally time for them to reveal it all, hardware specs, games, launch dates and price.
This would normally be a pretty solid thing as E3:s go, but they have one problem, third and first party games.

Third party
What i mean is that Nintendo Wii has never really been considered a next gen console because it’s so underpowered and thus they never got any real third party support and of those almost never any multiplatform titles, call of duty 4 is probably the only one i can recall.
So now that they have a console that might for at least a year be the fastest one on the market, in theory anyway.
So the main question is will they get large enough third party support? and for how long.
Because is not unlikely that developers are going to want to start pushing games and gameplay on the new consoles in ways that the WII U couldn’t handle without having to be stripped down to bare bones and therefore be the most inferior version out there.

But regardless im guessing that they will rack up a few titles at this e3 like black ops 2, assasins creed 3, battlefield 3, madden, fifa, tiger woods and so on.

First party
As for Nintendo itself i can only guess that they will deliver the goods, but we don’t really know yet because Nintendo has a nasty habit of only revealing stuff at E3 unlike all other developers and publishers.
But if i where to guess i would say that you would get some decent fanservice with a new mario (and a proper one like mario galaxy), zelda (im hearing remake of majoras mask, but im guessing ocarina of time cause that’s what they have been doing lately), pikmin since it’s been hinted at for so long, SSMB2, and finally another kirby.

As for Wii sports, yea you betcha, it’s their best selling title (but only because it’s bundled with every wii) so it will make a triumphant return.
What will be the most interesting aspect of Wii U sports is how they handle the avatars, will they keep the old ones, go for a more xbox look, maybe even a sony home look, if i where a betting man i would say tehy will keep the old ones with a few slight upgrades, like making them a bit more animated, better shaders and such.

To me this is really interesting, will they choose a more conservative layout and start skimping on ram and stuff, how much internal storage will it have, and exactly how powerful it is, i have heard anything from less than the xbox to 6-7 times the xbox, though the latter is implausible since there is a saying in the computer world “with great power comes great heatsinks” and the Wii U does not seem to have any heatsinks at all.


All in all Nintendo will do a lot of horn tooting like they always do but now with even less humility than ever (i can already imagine reggie saying “We have the most powerful console ever made and were just getting started”), but seriously Nintendo, all your IP’s where great 25 years ago, good 15 years ago, they are ok today, but i like to see at least another good nintendo IP this E3 or im going to call it a loss or fail or whatever, the wii had wii sports, what will this one bring.


Nintendos pressconference is on june 5 9:00 AM PST (As always see it at gametrailers, because you have no other choice since geoff says so).

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