State of the bang 2012-2013

Welcome to my first annual (and possibly only the the way i keep changing this) state of the bang in where i talk about what happened and my thoughts on what i like to do in the future.

So first off i finally participated in Ludum Dare, it’s a insane competition in where you have to make a game in 48 hours, do i need to say that it was sort of a failure for me, but i did learn a bunch of things about what my toolkit really needs and a few other things, like proper preparation and smaller scope.

  1. A lot more geometry generation options, after spending 5-6 hours trying to make some flat slightly bumpy ground and failing i realized it should be something that should be in there from the start, so that’s coming in version 1.5 of the toolkit.
  2. Physics, i think i spent about 4-6 hours on making things go bump, it does it pretty well, but it shouldn’t be an issue to implement especially since it’s only spherical collisions, so that is basically whats going into version 2.0 of my toolkit.
  3. In the game i had to write two particle systems from scratch which took a lot of time, only one of them where for something that looks like particles, but aren’t really, one for the enemies and the other for all the bullets, so i need a proper scene-graph next time.
  4. Speaking of particlesystems, i think i need one of those too, something that plugs into the scenegraph pretty neatly.
  5. Also regarding particles, because of time i had to use (GL_ONE,GL_ONE) blending, but those look like crap so i have to figure out that as well.

I think i will participate next year as well when i have fixed all of the above, but this time i will be more prepared.

Moving on to a slightly related subject, tutorials, and i know i didn’t really do a whole lot regarding those, and i don’t know if next year will be any different, but anyway here is the ones i am currently looking into making in no particular order.

  • Deferred rendering, i have been meaning to do this one for a while, but never got around for it.
  • Tessellation, since i now actually possess the actual hardware required, but it seems stupid to do only one tutorial project for this so i need ideas.
  • Particles and lasers, which i know isn’t exactly really all that advanced, but this is not really about rendering them, but making them look good in various situations, it’s also a great project for making my first video based tutorial and maybe it will have follow up tutorials called “explosions and destruction” and “fire and flame”.
  • I want to do a wildcard tutorial which will either be “one step doom rendering” or “metaball textures”.
  • I want to do something other than pure graphical as well, maybe physics related, but i really don’t know what, so i want to hear your ideas.

There are other ones as well, but those are more on the back burner.

Third subject for today is itself, it’s time for me to refresh the site again, i have some ideas, but im arguing if i am going to just modify a wordpress theme, make my own from scratch, maybe get a mobile version going or do an app of some sort.
One thing i kinda want to get going on the site is a section in where you can actually start paying for stuff complete with a web shop of some kind, i still have nothing to sell, but that’s another issue i have to get working on, but im thinking at least for a start i will put up some content that will be free but with a donation button or maybe sell an cheap extended commercial use license of the same thing.

So my personal life then, well since my surgery two years ago i have lost about 85Kg and im feel pretty well for the most part, except for an excessive amount of skin, it’s almost time for my second surgery (removing previously said skin), and if im lucky it’s sometime during 2013, i have yet to speak to my doctor though.
I have also gone on a few dates with a girl i like, she is beautiful, nerdy and pretty awesome, in many respects a female version of me, so that’s going well, so all i need now is a job i like and im set for life.

So next year i will try and write something each month, i will try and make at least one new tutorial (probably the particle one) and of cause kiss that girl.

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  • By Javier, December 28, 2012 @ 12:45

    I’ve been following your blog for more or less two years, congrats for all the good news posted here!

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